Friday, May 9, 2014

Hair Diary || Curing My Hair Boredom ...

In my last entry, I mentioned that I’ve literally become bored with my natural hair.  After thinking about it more, it could be because it's that time of year -- spring/summer.  It's that time of year when I crave a change from my usual twists.  The craving this year has extended to changing more than my twists ... to actually changing my hair (e.g., via a cut, color, etc.).

Well, over the past few weeks, I've been taking measures to cure my boredom.  I was in my usual set of two-strand twists (that I usually wear for 3-4 weeks) when I got this severe itch to undo them AND put in more highlights.  I then wore a twist-out for a few days (loose and in updos) until the definition was almost gone.  I then finger-detangled on dry hair and wore the resulting stretch in a couple of updos.  After that, I toyed with a wash-n-go for a bit.  And now?  Well, I'm rocking it straight.  My plan after this is to somehow come up with a summer regimen that balances "playtime with my hair" with retaining length.  I know I have a difficult task ahead of me ...

And now for more hair pics:

My usual twists.  Got a severe itch to undo them after only two weeks.

The resulting twist-out ... oh, and some halfway highlights.
(They had to grow on me.)

Top view of wash-n-go.  

Flat-ironed and cut by my beautiful sis.  You can find her a these sites:

Check out the curls on the ends.


  1. Yes! Loving the highlights! What a lovely colour!

  2. Hi Chinwe, love your blog and I always use it as a reference.

    What hair dye did you use for your highlights?

    1. Hey. Thank you!

      I used Feria Intense Ombre (030) and added a little Clairol Developer, which brightened my hair more. I wouldn't recommend this process, though, because it can easily damage the hair if it goes wrong. A safer option would be to use Clairol Textures and Tones like I did here: :o)

  3. I like the colour on your hair.