Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Darken Hair Color Naturally

I've been contemplating darkening my hair color for a few weeks now. (My natural color is a dark brownish black.) The question is how dark do I want to go and how permanent? Jet black or something more subtle? A color that fades after a few washes or something more long lasting? I am not sure yet. One thing is for certain, though; I will use a natural as opposed to chemical hair dye. (See post on chemical damage.) So stay tuned. In the mean time, here are some natural methods that I am considering:

- probably the most subtle and temporary of the options
- recipe #1
- recipe #2

- normal walnuts may be used, black walnuts for better results
- use husks over actual walnut for more dye content
- recipe #1
- recipe #2

- additional benefit of thicker hair
- color is long lasting / henna is permanent but indigo is temporary
- henna may loosen the curl pattern over time
- recipe

- subtle color change
- review on black coffee dye - click here
- recipes


Anonymous said...

i love black hair,go for the indigo,

ceecy29 said...

I really want to try henindigo, but my natural color is such a conversation piece lol!

Anonymous said...

I naturally lightened my hair with peroxide and it looks good, but i want more dimension to my hair. Ya know, like highlights and low lights and stuff. My hair is very plain and boring.

Anonymous said...

If u only put lemon on certain parts of ur hair to lighten it u can then use like coffee or walnut or whatever to darken other parts. Then u have 3 colors , for dimension

Loo said...

That sounds pretty cool. Thanks for sharing!