Saturday, June 20, 2009

Healthy Hairstyling #3: Short Natural Hair

Just because your hair is short doesn't mean you can't fit "healthy hairstyle" and "beautiful" into one sentence. Twists do not have to be boring. Twistouts do not have to look crazy. Play your styles up with a beautiful clip, scarf, or headband. Put a spin on a simple twistout with partial cornrows in the front or a pompadour. Wear protective and low manipulation styles ... but HAVE FUN and FEEL BEAUTIFUL while you're at it! Healthy hairstyling does not have to be bland.

Twists (protective)
Braids (protective)
Finger coils (protective)
Bantu knots (protective)
Twistouts (low manipulation)
Braidouts (low manipulation)
Coilouts (low manipulation)
Combinations of the above (protective/low manip)
Wigs over braids/twists/cornrows (protective)
Strawsets (low manipulation)
Sew-ins (protective - when properly done and cared for)
Kinky twist / braid extensions (protective - when properly done and cared for)

Here are some PHOTOS of protective & low manipulation styles. I did these when my hair was shorter. (Hair length was approximately 4 to 6 inches.)


Marilie said...

Beautiful! Problem with my twists is, they shrink up after one day. When I take off my scarf in the morning, they look interesting, that's for sure! I'm a big fan on the twist out, but I have to work on my twist styles. Thanks for posting your pics. :)

Bablou00 said...

I think we have the same texture but your hair seems thicker and fuller then mine at 4-6 inches which is where Im at now. I like all ur styles. I wish I could feel more comfortable in bigger twist so I wouldnt have to spend ions twisting!!!