Monday, June 15, 2009

Hyperpigmentation in Black Skin

Your acne or wound disappears, but you are left with a dark spot. This spot is the result of postinflammatory hyperpigmentation - darkening of the skin due to an increase in melanin after cells have been injured. Several dark spots or regions on the skin, particularly on the face, can impact one's self esteem and confidence. As a result, some people turn to concealer and foundation as a fix. Using makeup to hide blemishes is your personal choice, but understand that it may not be your only option. Here are some methods for treating hyperpigmentation that may work for you:

*Prevent/reduce acne via a good skin care regimen
*Use creams with skin lightening ingredients, such as soy, licorice, or vitamin C
*Use creams containing retinol, which is involved in skin renewal
*Try a homemade treatment using citric acid from lemons (see related story below)
*Wear sunscreen to prevent further darkening of hyperpigmented regions
*Exfoliate regularly
*Exfoliate with brown sugar
*Use microdermabrasion
*Get a chemical peel
*Act fast & speak with a dermatologist, especially for deeper pigmentation issues
*NOTE: try to avoid hydroquinone as a skin lightening agent; it may act as a carcinogen (see source below)

Many of these treatments take time to work before you notice visible improvement. Patience is key.

Essence Magazine, MAY 2008 Issue


Marilie said...

I am dealing with this right now...I stopped birth control for a little while and was breaking out like crazy...not so bad on my face, but my back and shoulders were horrible! And of course every dress out here is showing skin. I like the idea of the brown sugar scrub. I have a sea salt scrub I got at the mall, but I may have to give brown sugar a try. I also need to get on a more regular schedule with the exfoliation anyway. Thanks for the great post!

Nessa said...

I am currently using Rx for Brown Skin. It has been 5 weeks as of today and I did notice my skin a little brighter. However, the dark spots are showing even more.

I did a "youtube video" (finallynatural1) on it and giving it 3 months to see if I have any improvement.

I notice the you listed above and will check my product to see if any apply.

Again, thanks for all the great tips you post on your blog.

Loo said...

@Marilie: I know this reply is super late, but .. You're welcome. :o)

@Nessa: I hope Rx for Brown Skin works for you. The creator appears to know our skin. You're welcome. :o)