Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday's Hair Growth Tip!

1. Maintain a clean scalp.

In my opinion, keeping your scalp clean is just as critical to hair growth as your diet and genetics. A filthy scalp is more prone to fungal and bacterial infections that may adversely affect the follicle -- the area where hair growth begins. Pollutants, product buildup, sweat, and dead skin cells can contribute to the filth. Thus, maintaining good hygiene when it comes to the scalp is essential. Here are a few tips:

*Be sure to wash your hair regularly remembering to also cleanse the scalp.
*Minimize the use of products directly on the scalp, especially those containing pore-clogging ingredients.
*Cleanse your scalp after intense, sweaty workout sessions.
*If you perspire profusely on hot, humid days, chances are your scalp has accumulated some sweat buildup. Cleanse your scalp on these days as well.
*SIDE NOTE: Avoid scratching the scalp while washing; this action can open up the scalp to infections as well.



Unknown said...

Hi Loo,
I read the article about keeping your scalp clean which I do. I wash my hair on a weekly schedule; but I hope you can help me with itchy scalp.

My hair itch so bad for about 2 to 3 days, then i'm ok. The only thing I do is spray with water to ease the itch, but sometimes its too much and it's only in the center of my head.

Any suggestions?

Loo said...

Hi Nessa. When I get itchies, I usually spritz with water mixed with tea tree oil. That does the trick for me. Maybe you can try that. (My itchies seem to be the result of scalp exposure to the air; maybe it's the same in your case). If it doesn't work, it's possible that you're having a slight allergic reaction to your shampoo or another product. You may want to pin down the product and switch it out of your regimen. I hope this helps! Feel free to keep me posted.

Unknown said...

thanks for the reply, I wil try the tea tree oil. And, yes I did monitor the products and its not that, the air maybe.

Again, thanks I will get some tea tree oil.