Sunday, July 12, 2009

REVIEW #2: Coffee Hair Rinse

Purpose: A natural option for brunettes to subtly darken the hair.

Number of trials: twice

Ingredients & Materials: Basin; Cup; Gallon of strong, black coffee

Instructions - Brew some strong, black coffee. Leave it black and allow it to cool. Pour into basin. Soak and massage into hair for 15 minutes, and let sit for another 15 minutes. Rinse hair with warm water. Click here for detailed instructions.

How I prepared and used it:
I don't have a coffee maker so I heated 1/2 gallon of hot water to almost boiling and added about a 1/2 cup of ground coffee. Then I let the mixture cool. (If you try this method, be sure to filter the ground coffee before pouring onto your hair.)

My first trial was with mild roast coffee.

My second trial was weeks later with dark roast coffee.

In both cases, I clarified my hair beforehand so that the color would better deposit. (Normally, you don't want to clarify between coffee rinses -- only before the initial one -- but I did so for the purposes of these trials.) I then followed the above procedure (except for the brushing part). After rinsing the coffee from my hair, I deep conditioned for 20 minutes, rinsed, and air dried. My hair was in small twists throughout the process.

Recipe Source:

I measured success based on how well the coffee color deposited onto my strands, especially the brown sections of my hair and the few gray strands I have.

The first trial with the mild roast coffee was unsuccessful. I noticed no color change in my hair. My gray strands remained the same.

The second trial with the dark roast coffee was a bit successful. I could tell that the color deposited this time because my gray strands were now tinted a light brown. The change was faint, but perhaps after continuous coffee rinses it will become more noticeable. As for the rest of my hair, I did not notice a color change, but that may be because my hair it too dark for such a subtle dyeing process.

PROS: Natural

CONS: Runny, May require several rinses to notice a color change

Overall, I rate the Coffee Rinse 2 out of 5 stars. The color deposits onto the hair but is too subtle. Performing several coffee rinses to achieve a more noticeable color change may be a tedious routine for some. Also, this natural coloring option may be optimal for brunettes on the lighter end of the spectrum (light to medium brown hair) than those on the darker end.

*with light to medium brown hair
*seeking a temporary, slight darkening in hair color

FOR THE MIXOLOGISTS OUT THERE: You may want to experiment with black walnut or black tea to darken the hair color. Both options are subtle and temporary as well, but could be more effective. For longer lasting, more dramatic darkening, explore henna and indigo.

FOR THE NON-MIXOLOGISTS OUT THERE: You may want to check out cellophanes or plant-based hair dyes, such as


Anonymous said...

OMG! i just tried this on my light brown hair. It's just dark enough that it looks different, but not dark enough that it looks dyed! (this is exactly what i wanted) and i can't wait to show my friends my new hair. It's very subtle and it makes my eyes pop! :) THANKYOU

Anonymous said...

You say 2 out of 5 stars. But that is purely based on the color deposit. You mentioned no other benefits. Regular coffee rinses can help prevent hairloss because they block the hormone that causes it. And it also adds an immense amount of shine to the hair. I have coarse, wavy/curly Italian hair. It is usually very dry and a medium brown. When i do a weekly coffee rinse, it always makes my hair so beautiful and shiny and it is now a rich brown color. I would give this a 4 out of 5. Only because I don't like the runny-ness. A spray bottle fixes that pretty well though.

Ishy said...

what's your method of doing it? Just soaking it in coffe? Or any other additives?

Anonymous said...

I do this with coffee and coconut oil mixed, let it sit for about an hour in my hair, then wash it out. I do it about once a week, and I have dark brown hair; it brings out the auburn highlights in my hair, my hair is super shiny and soft, and it covers the grays (it took a couple of times to get the grays to be completely unnoticeable). I have to wash it out, rather than just rinse it out because I have super-fine hair, and my hair will look really oily afterwards unless I use shampoo. I'm glad I found this trick, because we always have leftover coffee, and I hate just throwing it out.