Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday's Hair Growth Tip!

6. Drink your water!

Water carries much-needed nutrients to various parts of the body -- including the follicles. Need I say more?


Marilie said...

I try to get about 100 oz a day. But there are some days were I struggle to get to 70. I'm not a big soda person anymore, so the only other thing I would drink would be lemonade, tea or coffee. I noticed that when I go out to eat, I hardly ever finish my drink. So now I just get water - it's good for me, and keeps a few dollars in my wallet. :)

Jai said...

Unfortunately I have to force myself to drink water. Most people say add lemon, if I do that then I might as well add some sugar and make lemonade lol. I'm trying to do better. :)