Saturday, August 29, 2009

Countdown to MBL ... Let's Grow!

A new series documenting my journey to longer, healthier hair. It'll take coconut oil, twists, low manipulation, and internal health to get there! I've got 30 weeks.

WEEK 2/30

The new wash day regimen is still working out well for me. My hair is doing just fine with a simple prepoo, wash, 5-minute condition, and seal.

As for twisting, I've switched from doing that weekly to bi-weekly to tri-weekly for the sake of time management and low manipulation. On the weeks that I wash but don't twist, I'll just redo the perimeter. That's the plan for now. Eventually, I'll work my way up to wearing a set of twists for four to five weeks with minimal takedown woes. Thanks to all the nappturals (you know who are) who shared their routines with me!

Twist Routine Recap:
*Twist tri-weekly
*Wash weekly (see details here)
*Redo edges/nape weekly

Last week, I splurged on bananas, blueberries, carrots, red lettuce, tuna, roasted nori, celery, and other health goodies. I noticed I've been slacking on my vegetable/fruit intake for two weeks now so I thought I'd get back on track. I'm also learning how to make my own sushi after being inspired by a veteran napptural who's wise in the ways of raw dishes (as well as hair care).

The twist challenge starts in a few days. Yay! I also jumped aboard a green smoothie challenge. Now this should be fun too!

How's your healthy hair journey going?


Anonymous said...

when does this challenge start? and where can I find the details. I would love to join.

Loo said...


The twist challenge starts on September 1st. You can find out the details on LHCF, but I think the challenge is filled to capacity.

The green smoothie challenge starts whenever you're ready. The details are on Lina's fotki. If you need the link, feel free to email me at

Skibies said...

Thanks for sharing! This seems great!

Loo said...

You're welcome!

Lina40 said...

hey girl -- figured I would officially state my entrance into the twist challenge here on your blog, since I am not an Lchf member.. ready to post a few updates to my green smoothie challenge already..

ps -- you can puree or liquefy green veggies in advance and then pour them into an ice cube tray. Once frozen, pop em out and into a freezer bag. Use 3-5 "green ice cubes" to add a serving of leafy veggies to any smoothie you wish! will post pics in my fotki when I get a chance..

Loo said...


Thanks for the smoothie tip, girl! You're ingenious.