Friday, August 14, 2009

REVIEW #3: Brown Sugar Head Scrub

Number of trials: Countless

Ingredients: 4 tbs pure brown sugar, 2 tbs conditioner

Instructions: click here

Review: Last year, I first tried this treatment as advice from a veteran natural on removing buildup. I had an issue with conditioner buildup on my scalp from frequent co-washing, and this treatment was supposedly a fix. Rather than turn to harsh sulfate shampoos for the task, this brown sugar scrub would allow me to continue co-washing while maintaining a residue-free scalp. I became an instant fan from the moment I tried it and continue to do these scrubs when I am up for it. Contrary to what some people may believe, the scrub is not at all harsh on the average scalp; it's analogous to applying a facial scrub, but on the head instead.

Pros: removes conditioner buildup from scalp, quick & easy to mix, invigorating, inexpensive

Cons: if not rinsed off well, sugar residue remains

Overall: 5 out of 5 stars! I highly recommend this scrub for frequent co-washers who experience conditioner buildup on the scalp but do not want to stop co-washing.



Jai said...

I've done this scrub once before and it felt pretty good. I may need to include this in my routine.

Soulsista934 said...

I love using brown sugar but I use it with shampoo instead of conditioner because the conditioner would stay on my scalp.