Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Boar Brush = Damage to Your Edges?

I was on youtube some months ago when I came across a number of educational videos by a popular trichologist. One video, in particular, addressed the harmful tools we use on our hair versus healthier options. I was already aware of some of the tools that were discussed, but one surprise was that a soft boar brush -- a tool many of us swear by -- is more detrimental to the edges than a rattail comb. A surprise, but well reasoned. Just ask yourself, would you rather move bristles across sensitive skin ... or would you rather move a smooth object? Check out the video link below to see what I mean. After watching the trichologist's demonstration, I gradually weened myself off my beloved boar bristle brush.

**From her video, I'd also infer that the Denman brush is more gentle on the edges than a boar brush.



Jai said...

My boar brush is now in the trash, thanks for the info!!!!

Loo said...

LOL. You did better than me. I had to let go of the boar brush gradually. You're welcome!

Anya Posh said...

Oh man! but I love my boar brush! It's the only thing that smooths out my updo. What's a girl to do without this brush?! Maybe i'll check out that denman option because i was about to put them up for sale since I have 2 denman brushes but I never use them