Sunday, September 13, 2009

Countdown to MBL ... Let's Grow!

A new series documenting my journey to longer, healthier hair. It'll take coconut oil, twists, low manipulation, and internal health to get there! I've got 30 weeks.

WEEK 4/30

So I haven't combed my hair in four weeks now? I can't remember ... I know it's been at least two weeks. The plan remains: a fingers-only routine for the rest of the year. The few times that I have visited the comb, my kinks have screamed for mercy. It doesn't matter whether my hair is drenched in conditioner and/or oil or whether I use the widest teeth in the world; they can't handle such manipulation anymore. Stretching my hair helps to ease the process, but even still, a few unstretched strands fight the comb. I've faced it; This mass of kinks just isn't meant to be combed, and I'm fine with that.

I just wrapped up week #2 in these twists, and I'm feeling confident that my hair won't lock this go around. What's different? Well, I'm not overdoing the washing this time. Four weeks of twists with four washes is my limit. What else? I'm redoing my twists in the front and back weekly. Those areas tend to lock faster (and look more frizzy) by the week's end. My hair can tolerate 4 weeks in twists so long as there is a good balance -- no neglect and no overmanipulation.

Grocery list: cucumbers, more spinach, celery, salmon, tomato sauce, more bananas



Dee~Nappy said...

Ok, I haven't been playing fair. I visited your blog from your fotki, added it to my google reader, and it is undoubtedly one of my faves!! Well your updates are the first that I check for! Just wanted to stop in and say Hey!! I'm reading and i LOVE your blog just as i LOVE your fotki. I'm kinda doin the twist regimen to see how it goes. I appreciate every single word of each post that you've posted on here. Keep up the great work!!

Love, Dee~Nappy :)

Loo said...

Awww, girl. :o) Thanks so much for the love!! That means a lot and inspires me to keep blogging. I really appreciate your words. ::Big hugs::


P.S. Keep up with that twist regimen, and let me know how it goes. Thanks again, girl!