Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Intermission: Hair & Attitude

A short break from the usual blog topics ...

When I wear my hair loose, which is rare, it is big, kinky, and ... foreign. I have had the occasional stranger's hand in my fro. I have had people approach me with the first sentences out of their mouth concerning my hair. "How do you do that?" "Do you plan to loc?" Etc. Last Friday, I got my first "I approached you because your natural hair attracted me" from a male. The reactions do not bother me, though, and I actually find it entertaining especially since the reason I went natural was to achieve healthy hair and not to make a statement. Though many black women are transitioning to natural today, the look of natural is still foreign to some.

My sister emailed me an interesting article with audios from nine women -- natural, weaved, straightened, loced, etc. -- about attitudes surrounding their hair. A related article is also included touching upon black hair and politics. Here is a synopsis followed by a link to the read:

"When it comes to straightening hair or letting it be natural, the choice still pushes deep emotional buttons for many African-American women. Others ask, why can't hair just be hair? Nine black women discuss their hairstyles and the attitudes surrounding their hair..."

Care to share your experiences?


Ardourliene said...

First let me say I LOVE YOUR Hair in the photos. Now that i've cut most of the color off i'm inspired to ignore the whole length thing and focus on overall health.

I've had a similar experience as you did. People ask the same thing when my hair was loose and longer about locking, and of course i was told by a guy that he loved my hair and he wanted to take me to his hairdresser (he has locs himself) so I could get mine done too lol.

Loo said...

Thank you! Yes, health before length.

"He wanted to take me to his hairdresser." Hilarious! LOL ... I can't believe he said that.

Amina said...

I had no idea you had a blog! I love it!
Your hair is soooo beautiful! If I am nearby, please slap my hand when I try to touch your hair.

Loo said...

Hey Amina! Thank you ... LOL.