Monday, January 18, 2010

2010 Hair Buys!

If you followed the blog last year, you may remember my Honey Lemon highlight experiment. Well since then, I've been wanting to try henna coloring and 2010 is the year to do it!

Pictured above is my hair with henna. Since I am a first-time user, I didn't want to botch my hair so I bought an easy-to-use Henna Melt kit from I recommend this kit because it comes already mixed with the necessary ingredients to give you a nice wine burgundy color. The seller offers different embossments, including flowers, herbs, etc. (The photo below is an example.) Henna itself also contributes to the hair's natural shine and thickness.

I used the mix on clean, damp hair and left it on for an hour. Then I rinsed, did a light shampoo, and deep conditioned. The result? My hair now has a subtle natural-looking burgundy tone to it, especially the sections that were previously highlighted with the honey lemon treatment. I love it and will post pics soon. For those wanting a more dramatic color change, be sure to leave the henna mix on for much longer.

UPDATE - THE RESULT (Actual color is more subtle):

Other 2010 Hair Buys:
Jane Carter Nourish & Shine - so far, I like the mango smell and shine.
Hair One - I like the conditioner cleanser concept. If you are not a fan of cones, though, steer clear.


Marilie said...

I use Karishma henna. I leave it on anywhere from 4 hours to overnight, because I want a deeper burgundy color (pesky grays to cover as well). I just mix it with green tea and lime juice, that's it. I don't add anything else. Some folks make henna harder than it has to be, adding 29 different things, lol!

Loo said...

Lol. This is good to know. That actually sounds really simple. Yea, the 29 different things is what turned me off. :o)