Friday, January 29, 2010

Exercise: Mind, Body, and Chronicles

Exercise. Important for lowering the risk of certain health problems, such obesity and heart disease. Critical for managing or even lowering the risk of developing diabetes. Helpful in reducing symptoms of depression by boosting serotonin and reducing stress. Exercise. (To read an earlier post about "Exercise & Hair Growth," click here.)

Alright, readers. I am not the most determined when it comes to exercising. The only way I can get myself to work out regularly is to participate as a member of some sort of team or group. In high school and college, it was track and field. (Besides, track and field was fun in itself so that doesn't really count.) Nowadays? It's attending the group exercises at the local gym. Funnily enough, knowing that I've paid for a gym membership isn't enough incentive to get me running on the elliptical machine or doing bench presses. I thrive on GROUP exercise for some reason. Maybe, it's the energy of the people? the 'team' motivation? Well whatever it is, I whipped out the group schedule and made a commitment to drop in at least 2x a week. So far, it's actually been a FUN experience. Exercise + fun = good for the body + mood. Here are some of my highlights:

*GROUP AEROBICS: I dropped into this class by accident intending to walk into SALSA. However, the upbeat music and ambiance quickly put me in the mood for a cardiovascular workout. The class incorporated a lot of kickboxing, which boosted my serotonin and allowed me to release the day's stress. I enjoyed the class though my body was sore the next day!

*GROUP YOGA: Though this class is offered on Saturday mornings, I was eager to attend it. What I like about yoga is that it's relaxing and relinquishes the stress from your body and mind. I left the class feeling refreshed and rejuvenated for the day. I will certainly attend group yoga more often.

*GROUP STRIPTEASE: This was actually held at another gym and cost $10 for the day. Attendees were told to bring high heels and be prepared to use chairs. Whoa! At the end of it all, I was really glad I participated. I never knew stripping could be so fun and such a workout. (Plus I learned some amazing, seductive moves.) My hamstrings and quads were sore for the next few days. I must say; strippers work hard for their money!

Next week, I'll try out the GROUP SALSA and GROUP CYCLING. Stay tuned ...



Lina40 said...

lol - this was a fun post -- I have a Sat. morning yoga class that I love! I try to have baby all set early in the morning so hubby can take over while I go to class. Its a necessity for me right now and I feel so pampered when I finish class ;)

Loo said...

Yep, Saturday morning yoga is awesome! :o)