Saturday, January 30, 2010

Micro Twist Takedown on CNapp Hair

PHOTO: (L) Putting in twists, (R) After 4 weeks

So, as some of you probably already know, I've been wearing my real hair in micro twists for 4 weeks.

This weekend is takedown time!

Here's the GAME PLAN:

*Soak my twists with unrefined shea butter whipped with coconut oil + olive oil + etc.

Because my hair loves to shrink and has super tiny coils that coil upon themselves, wetting my twists with conditioner or water for the takedown process is a big no-no. Whipped shea butter lubricates my strands while allowing my hair to remain stretched. Applying this mixture will also act as a "prepoo" before my wash.

*Take down a twist & finger detangle
After I take down a twist, I finger detangle to remove shed hair, lint, etc. This will make the washing and comb detangling much easier.

*Put loose hair in 10-15 big twists, then clarify
Washing my hair in a loose state (especially after a micro twist takedown) is just asking for trouble. Loose hair that loves to shrink + loves to coil upon itself = tangles and knots when wet. I use 10-15 twists (as opposed to, say 5-10) because my hair is really dense. It also makes the detangling process more efficient.

*Deep condition, then comb detangle each twist
I need a thick deep conditioner to temporarily loosen my tight and tiny coils, provide hang, and coat my dense strands for detangling. For my hair, conditioners containing cholesterol and an oil are ideal. (I like to mix Lustrasilk cholesterol with olive oil.) After the conditioner sits for about an hour, comb detangling will remove whatever shed hair and tangles the finger detangling missed. I use a wide tooth comb first, and then the D3 (Denman) if necessary. (If you have hair like mine, never use the D3 on undetangled tresses.)

*Thoroughly rinse, then "seal", and airdry in the big twists
I "seal," or lock, the water into my strands by applying the whipped shea butter mixture. Then I airdry my hair in a stretched state to minimize shrinkage and knotting.

*Style once dry!
Styling my hair after it's airdried and stretched is a preference. It allows me to show more length and have a neater, longer-lasting style. It's also easier.



gisele69 said...

Thanks for the detailed account of the whole process. It was really informative and helpful.

Lina40 said...

Great Loolah! I will be putting in minitwists this week and plan to do the same thing -- only difference is I will probably use conditioner and castor oil for my takedown or just add cholesterol to this mixture. Your fotki updates look great !

Loo said...

@Gisele: Your welcome!

@Lina: Thank you! I'll be sure to check out your mini twists.

Thanks for stopping by, ladies!

Anonymous said...

Hi what do you use on your micro twists to keep them moisturized while they are in twists for that long?
I've been doing microbraids (with my natural hair) and i'm having difficulty keeping them soft and moisturized

Loo said...

I spritzed with water regularly followed by sealing with whipped shea butter. I also kept my banded (via an updo or frenchbraid) to retain moisture. Lastly, I slept with a satin scarf/bonnet nightly. I hope that helps!

Nana Obeng said...

*Thoroughly rinse, then "seal", and airdry in the big twists

Loo, when you rinse the conditioner out of your hair, have you re-twisted your hair after detangling or do you rinse your hair loose?

Loo said...

@Nana: I re-twist my hair after detangling. :o)