Monday, February 22, 2010

Buttercreme GIVEAWAY Winner!!

Alright, we have a winner for the sample Vanilla Chai Buttercreme GIVEAWAY!! Thank you for all your responses. Here's a short summary of the more popular (and a couple unique) ways the commenters keep their hair moisturized this winter:

*Wearing twists, braids, or braid extensions
*Wearing a satin bonnet under a hat
*Only shampoo the scalp
*Using water, castor oil, olive oil, and/or coconut oil
*Hit the sauna and steam room

Okay, now for the winner. I couldn't make the choice myself, so I let the random number generator do its job. According to him, our winner is commenter #3, CurlyKye. Congratulations, CurlyKye!! Please email me at with your address so that I can mail you your prize. Again, this moisturizing delight and other great natural hair products can be purchased at The Hair Shebang.

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