Friday, February 26, 2010

My Workout Hair Routine!

I came across a few posts and also received a question about workout hair routines. There is no one routine that works for everyone, but it is key to: 1) keep your hair out of the way and 2) cleanse your scalp regularly.

I spend 99% of my time in twists, so I just carry them into the workout day. I usually put the twists in a bun, pin them up, or put them into one french braid before I workout.

This depends on how much I sweat. On light days (e.g., yoga days), I don't do anything special to my hair afterwards. However, on heavy days (e.g., aerobic days), I aim to cleanse my scalp with a q-tip and witch hazel. Now, am I good about doing this? Rarely. When time becomes a factor, I make a spritz of water, lavender oil, and tea tree oil and spray on my scalp and hair. (Lavender oil is said to have antibacterial properties while tea tree oil is said to have both antibacterial and antifungal properties.) I don't recommend this as a substitute for cleansing, but it works for me.

Workout styles: buns, braids, ponytails, cornrows, or hair under a silk scarf
Post-workout cleansing: co-wash, dry shampoo, ACV rinse, or wash