Monday, February 8, 2010

Nape Breakage?

For some people the nape hair grows just fine. For others, the nape area suffers constant breakage, stunted growth, and is the most fragile section of the scalp.

Before 2007, my nape hair never surpassed two to three inches (except for during my childhood years). It was severely damaged from overprocessing and dryness and would seem to break the instant it was touched. In 2007, I began to seriously address my nape breakage by stretching the period between chemical relaxers and paying extra attention to the area as I conditioned and moisturized (i.e., extra TLC). With these changes and more, my nape hair was gradually restored to good health. Nowadays, it has reached a length I never imagined it could. (In 2008, I officially went natural, but that isn't to say that one needs to do so to have a healthy growing nape.)

Do you have nape growth issues? If so, any of the following could be the source of the problem. Eliminate that source and your nape hair will be restored to good health and growth.

Causes of stunted/slow growth of nape hair:
*poor internal health
*under conditioned
*breakage from tight headbands, scarves, etc.
*over-processing (raise your hand if you relax that section first)
*friction from shirt, scarf, coat, couch
*too much tension (e.g., braiding nape hair too tightly)
*inadequate neutralization after relaxing
*heat damage from trying to get that nape hair straight
*sleeping on the back of head


Jai said...

That is some serious growth sista. :) I try to keep my hair moisturized and wear updo's quite a bit during the winter to avoid this.

Loo said...

Thanks, girl! Updos are a great idea for the cold weather.

Amina said...

woooooooooooooow!!! Great job girl! Your hair looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

My nape looks just like yours use to.. but worse. its like its shaved! I need help!

Loo said...

@Amina: Thank ya, girl!

@Anonymous: Just baby that nape like crazy, and you'll see some progress. Extra TLC will do wonders!

Lumi said...

I actually have a real problem with my nape and have been looking for ways to stop the breakage. I'm definately going to take more care of my nape.

Tobenatural said...

I need some serious help with my nape too. Thanks for the tip. Your is Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

This may help: (

Anonymous said...

I find that Argan (one n only) curl cream massaged into the scalp & braided has helped me like a wonder growth for me.

Anonymous said...

How did you achieve that hair retention? I have the similar nape breakage and Im at a loss at what to do. Ive tried deep condition's and keeping it moisturized, did you braid up the back to keep the nape protected? what was you're daily/weekly regimen?

Loo said...

Hi. I dug this list up from my old album. These were the things I did during that time:

*moisturize 2x a day
*minimize heat usage to that area
*relax that area last (not applicable to me anymore)
*protective styles that protect but do not damage nape
*take a daily multi-vitamin
*use EXTRA conditioner on back hair while washing
*sleep on sides as much as possible
*DAILY 5-minute massages in nape area (use essential oil of your choice)
*NO du-rags, NO tension-causing hairstyle in nape area

I hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for responding to me so quickly!! Okay I will do all that! Quick question; could you be more specific in what types of protective styles? Sorry to be a a bother but my hair is overwhelming me.

Loo said...

No, you're not a bother. Lol! I sometimes kept my nape in twists or braids even in out styles. (I actually still do this today.) However, I do not twist/braid too tightly or too small in that area.

Another protective style (which was popularized by Mooks on the hair care boards) is to cornrow the nape horizontally. Here is a video tutorial: