Monday, March 1, 2010

Hair Perfume Recipes

I'm a sucker for pleasant scents. If you saw my shelves and cabinets at home you would quickly get that impression. Carpet fresheners galore. Scented candles. An abundance of body sprays, perfumes, and air fresheners. The list goes on ...

Now my attention is to hair perfumes. Before making any purchases, I want to take a crack at making my own so I googled and came across a few recipes. (Some are body perfumes that may be used on the hair as well):

All of the recipes below are alcohol-free, which is good. (Alcohol can dry your healthy tresses.)

Ingredients: 3 of your favorite essential oils + a carrier oil
More info here

Ingredients: water + chopped flower blossoms (e.g., roses, lilac, etc.)
More info here and here

Ingredients: jojoba oil, musk, + more
More info here

Ingredients: charcoal, myrrh, bergamot oil, sandalwood, + more
This is for you super mixologists out there!
More info here

This week, I'll experiment with the oil-based perfume recipe after buying a few ingredients at Vitamin Shoppe or Whole Foods. Lavender, vanilla, and rose essential oils mixed with avocado oil as a carrier. Mmmm ... I can smell it now ...


Amina said...

I loove pleasant smells too. Right now, I can't get enough of jasmine oil

Loo said...

Oooh, now that's something I haven't smelled yet. Jasmine oil sounds uber pleasant.

Anonymous said...

love it. will try some of these

Anonymous said...

I love these ideas! Thanx!! I'm hooked on Nag Champa right far I've done deodorant, shampoo, dread wax, and soap, yummy hair scent!! You rock!!

Loo said...

You're welcome! :o)

Unknown said...

Could you please give the recipe for intricate hair perfume as the link above is dead. Thanks in a

Loo said...

Hi. I think this is recipe here:

How to Make Your Own Hair Perfume

Things You'll Need
5 tbsp. powdered myrrh
6 tbsp. powdered charcoal
1 tbsp. powdered benzoin
2 to 3 drops sandalwood oil
2 to 3 drops bergamot oil
1 tbsp. potassium nitrate
Mucilage of tragacanth

1. Mix together the 5 tbsp. myrrh, 6 tbsp. of powdered charcoal and 1 tbsp. powdered benzoin. Sieve the ingredients. Add up to three drops each of sandalwood and bergamot oils to the mixture and blend properly.

2. Add potassium nitrate and enough mucilage of tragacanth extract. Make it into a stiff paste.

3. Heat the mixture over a water bath. Form the mixture into little cones and let them dry. Light a cone and let the smoke filter in to damp hair.