Monday, March 22, 2010

Tips for Stretching Relaxers or Transitioning

*Strengthen the demarcation line
The demarcation line is the point at which the new growth meets the chemically straigthened hair. Keep this section strong with protein-based conditioning and you will minimize breakage.

*Wear low-manipulation & protective styles
Low manipulation styles include braidouts, twistouts, rollersets, strawsets, and other styles that require minimal styling of the hair afterwards.
Protective styles include buns, braids, twists, cornrows under a wig or sew-in, and other styles that involve almost no styling of the hair afterwards.

*Moisturize regularly & thoroughly
Dry hair is much more prone to breakage and fragility than well-moisturized hair. Look for water-based moisturizers.

*Wash in sections
Especially if your hair is on the longer side. This will reduce tangling, thus reducing breakage.

*Invest in a wide tooth comb
Wide tooth combs are gentler on the demarcation line than brushes and smaller combs.

More tips coming soon ...

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