Saturday, April 17, 2010

Avocado Detangling Conditioner ... Reviewing Soon!

Sneak Preview:
I will be using avocado mixed with extra virgin olive oil and shea butter for a detangling deep conditioner mix with slip, weight, and moisture.

Ingredient Descriptions:
*avocado - fatty acids, softens, imparts shine
*extra virgin olive oil - penetrates (read this study), lubricates
*shea butter - moisturizes, softens

Next weekend, I will do my monthly detangling session. Normally I use LustraSilk Cholesterol mixed with EVOO. The combination works very well, but I would like to have a natural alternative that works just as well. On that note, here's next weekend's experiment: the homemade avocado detangling conditioner.

You don't want to miss this review. There will be quite a few photos as well. :o)

For other avocado conditioner recipes, read this earlier post.


Unknown said...

Now this sounds good...Can't wait to hear how it goes

Loo said...

Thanks, Traycee! Can't wait to try it.