Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Healthy Hair Feature: Lina

1) Are you natural, relaxed, texlaxed, or transitioning?
** Natural for almost 11 years now.

2) What mistakes have you made in your hair care journey?
** avoiding water, not washing my hair enough, not deep conditioning enough, not paying attention to the lack of /too much protein in my hair, switching products for no really good reason, relying too much on the knowledge of others to help me care for my hair.

3) What is your current HEALTHY HAIR routine? (include regimen, products, etc.)
** Pre-treat hair with coconut oil and/or olive oil, detangle into 8 braids
-Shampoo with Dr. Bronners Shikakai soap, or Nour Herbal Shampoo (homemade)
-Rinse/Clarify with Sweet Hibiscus Vinegar Rinse (homemade)
-Deep Condition with Aveda Damage Remedy, detangle into 8 twists after 1hr +heat
-Rinse well, blot dry, apply Whipped CocoShea butter (homemade) and airdry in 8 twists
-Light blow dry or flat iron if I am in the mood (1x/month)
-I usually wear my hair in braids for 6 wks at a time, then transition each braid into a twist.

4) Do you have a HEALTHY BODY routine? If so, what is it? (diet, skin care, etc.)
** I eat raw foods and vegetarian meals daily
** I try to use natural products or purchase raw supplies to make my own
** I use apple cider vinegar and coconut oil inside and out - for my hair, skin, and internal nourishment

5) Do you have any advice for those seeking healthy tresses?
** be patient and consistent. It takes time to see what your hair likes. Sometimes there is an immediate difference, and the rest of the time, you notice a slow but steady improvement. Pictures really do help with both motivation and boredom. You can see how far you've come and that is a great accomplishment to make those first choices a habit.

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Dani @ said...

Her hair is beautiful!! Thanks for sharing. I love these healthy hair features.

Loo said...

It sure is! You're welcome.

Loo said...

It sure is! You're welcome.

Jc said...

I like her fotki

Loo said...

Me too! I look forward to each time she has updates.

Anonymous said...

Love your hair and unique regimen!!