Monday, April 12, 2010

"Soul" Food Mondays || Faith in Achieving

Faith in Achieving ...

1. Have faith.
When it comes to achieving goals, it helps to go in with faith. Do you believe you will reach healthy, waistlength hair? Do you believe you will lose those 5 extra pounds? The answer has to be "yes" or reaching your goal will be that much harder. Start with faith. A genuine, strong faith that you will achieve your dream. That is half the battle. It will help you during the difficult times.

2. Feed your faith. The milestones to accomplishing your goal can feed your faith in ultimately reaching your goal. Here's what I mean: A couple years ago, I started my hair care journey with the ultimate goal of reaching a healthy, waist length. In early 2008, I big chopped to neck length. Six months later, I reached shoulder length. In early 2009, I reached armpit length. In late 2009, I grazed below-shoulder-blade length. Each milestone fed my faith that I would one day achieve waist length. Each milestone made my goal that much more in grasp ... that much more attainable. Feed your faith with milestones.

3. Keep the faith. If you do experience a setback during the journey to your goal, do not lose faith. This is when faith counts the most. Will an awful trim by the stylist make you quit your journey to waistlength? Will three missed workout sessions make you stop your journey to weight loss? Keep the faith. Get back up. Dust yourself off. Keep on going. Your faith will make you even more determined and focused during times of setback.

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