Monday, May 17, 2010

"Soul" Food Mondays || Living in Joy

Living in Joy.

If we become heavily dependent on our surroundings for joy, then we allow room for disappointment. Change your perspective in order to live joyfully.

We cannot always change our surroundings. Circumstances may appear that are out of our control. Events may occur that we cannot influence. That is life. However, we can control our perspective.

Reposition your perspective. Since we cannot always reposition our surroundings, joy must begin with our outlook. Two people can look at the same situation and see two entirely different perspectives. One individual can see an ordeal or doom while the other individual can see an opportunity or new beginning. Which perspective do you choose to have?

Focus your perspective on the reality of the situation. What is the reality? Well for one, the past is the past. Rather than spending endless hours dwelling on it, consider how to grow from it and then let it go. What else? The circumstances or events weighing you down today are only temporary. Your heart will heal; it will not stay broken forever. And another reality? Material things are just that - material. The latest shoes or hottest clutch should not define your inner joy.

Permanent joy exists beyond the temporary, beyond the material, and beyond our immediate environment. Joy comes from grasping the true significance and essence of life.

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