Friday, May 21, 2010

Type 4 Series: Smooth, Sleek Edges

This is a series on how to style and manage type 4 hair healthily. It doesn't matter whether you are natural, transitioning, or stretching relaxers.

Today's topic: How to achieve smooth, sleek edges without a boar brush.

Eco Styler Gel (local beauty supply store)
rattail comb (Walmart, etc.)
satin scarf (beauty supply store, Walmart, etc.)

Let's Begin ...

This process works best on hair that has been washed within a day or two. The reason is because the hair is most clean (free of product buildup) and malleable at this time. Also, be sure that your hair is sufficiently moisturized before continuing.

Apply gel
Eco Styler Gel is recommended because it is thick and holds well for type 4 hair. It is also non-drying. (Water, a moisturizer, and glycerin, a humectant, are listed amongst the first few ingredients. There is no alcohol.) Begin by applying enough gel to coat the edges.

Comb edges
Using a rattail comb, gently comb the gel through your edges. End by using the back of the rattail comb to smooth down your edges. (See this post on why the comb is gentler than the boar bristle brush.) Don't worry if your hair is not flat at this point; so long as you've applied enough gel and combed it through, the scarf will take care of the rest.

Wrap scarf
Wrap your edges with a satin scarf until the gel dries.

Smooth, sleek edges achieved! This process was done on dry hair. Even smoother edges can be achieved on wet, freshly washed hair (see video below).

For even SMOOTHER EDGES: The following is video tutorial of how one type 4 lady achieves smooth edges. She uses a combination of Eco Styler and setting lotion on wet hair:


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