Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Amodimethicone, Castor Oil for Sheen?

According to this study, amodimethicone and castor oil are among certain substances that "increase the luster of hair." Has this been true in your experience? Does castor oil give you sheen? What about amodimethicone-based products? Do other oils/substance give your hair more sheen or shine?



HennaRo said...

Castor oil is amazing. Shine, softness, thickness, growth all in one! I'm not sure about amodimethicone giving shine...I don't use cones anymore.

Loo said...


Thank you for sharing! I admit ... I haven't given castor oil a thorough try. It's on my wish list though. One day.

As for amodimethicone: When I was using products containing it, I didn't notice a major increase in sheen. It was hard to tell with the naked eye.

Anonymous said...

Personally I try and stay away from products with cones because they dry out natural/curly hair. Why use silicone when there are natural ingredients (like castor oil) which add shine and also moisturise your hair? Thats just how I see things.

Loo said...

@Prettybig: Cones are one of those "good and bad" products. They are "good" in that they protect the hair (to some extent) during heat usage and by filling in gaps during conditioning. They are "bad" in that they leave some naturals with dry hair and buildup. I reserve cone-based products for need-based uses only - i.e., when using heat (which I rarely use).

mangomadness said...

I like castor oil for sealing in the winter. It gives my updos a nice sheen and keeps my ends oh so moist. I use regular castor oil but I'll try JBCO soon.