Monday, June 14, 2010

Playlist for June

Summer weather equals more frequent washes equals more frequent twist sets.  (Down from 3-4 weeks of wearing a set to 2 weeks.)  For summer hair care tips, click here.

On repeat: Small/medium twists pulled back

Sounds like: Lauryn Hill and her locs

Interlude: weekly washes & moisturizing, bi-weekly detangling & redo


Jc said...

I am getting used to fuzz. I have had box braids for four weeks (end of this week). I have swam in them at least 8 times already. They are super fuzzy now, but somehow I keep trying to prolong the style. I like my fuzz halo.

Unknown said...

Your hair looks so healthy. How do you wash your twists weekly and do you have any problems with shrinkage and tangles?

Loo said...

@Jc: Wow, 4 weeks in box braids? That's impressive. I like fuzz halo too. :o)

@J: Thanks, J. When I wash the twists, I focus on massaging the scalp and leaving the rest of the hair alone. After washing, I airdry the twists in two big french braids to combat shrinkage. No problems with tangles since I keep washes to a minimum. ;o)

Hair I Am said...

Loo, do you blow dry your hair before you do your twists or do you just stretch your hair out first?

~Hair I Am

Loo said...

@Hair_I_Am: I stretch it out first. I let my hair airdry in 8-10 big braids until it's 70-80% dry. :o)