Saturday, June 5, 2010

Type 4 Series: Formal Style (Rollerset)

This is a series on how to style and manage type 4 hair healthily. It doesn't matter whether you are natural, transitioning, or stretching relaxers.

Today's topic: Roller set type 4 hair with no/low heat. Style into an elegant updo as pictured.

Difficulty level: Easy/Medium for experienced rollersetters or those with short hair, Hard for newbie rollersetters or those with long hair

Time: several hours

moisturizer (no humectants), 
gel (if you're natural; recommend Pantene, Eco Styler),
OR setting lotion (if you're relaxed, transitioning) 
anti-humidity serum (recommend Redken, CHI, Pantene), 
rattail comb, 
ouchless bands, 
snap-on magnetic rollers (size depends on length of hair; the smaller, the longer lasting the style)
OR flexi-rods (more difficult to use)

  • Wash, deep condition, detangle as usual
  • Apply moisturizer and braid into 6-10 sections with ouchless bands at the roots
  • Allow hair to airdry to 70-80% (somewhere between damp + dry but closer to damp).  This step stretches the coils and minimizes the density of natural, shrunken hair.

  • One by one, undo each braid, remove the ouchless band, and do the following:
    • Part a 1 inch by 2 1/2 inch section of hair
    • Apply a moderate amount of gel to the section
    • Follow up with a moderate amount of anti-humidity serum 
    • Comb with rattail comb and roll tautly with a snap-on magnetic roller
    • Repeat until done and move onto the next braid
  • After you've finished roller setting, let the hair airdry COMPLETELY. (Alternatively, you may sit under a hooded dryer until hair is dry.)
  • Remove the rollers and style as desired.  
[Back in 2008 with flexi-rods]

*It's KEY to let the hair dry completely before removing the rollers.
*The smaller the parts, the tighter and smoother the curls. 
*The smaller the rollers, the tighter and smoother the curls.
*Gel works better on my hair than setting lotion.  Experiment with your hair to see what works for you.
*Reserve this style for dry (non-rainy, non-humid) weather.


Jc said...

The result is very nice. I think it takes alot of patience to make small partings and fit all the rollers in.

Loo said...

Thx, Jc. Yes it does. I rarely do roller sets because of that very reason. :o)

CallaLily said...

Welcome back!

Super cute! I've been wanting to try a roller set for a long time. One day I'll find the patience to do it, lol.

Loo said...

Thanks, CallaLily. I'm sure it'll look great on you. Let me know when you try it!

Anonymous said...

Great post! I felt a sense of validataion after reading this post because my rollersets come out the same way so now I know I'm doing something right. I usually use a setting lotion (Taliah Waajid) but next time I'll try aloe vera gel to see if I get better results. My problem is after I take the rollers out, I have no clue how to style my hair. I usually take advantage of the stretched hair by pulling it back into a bun and 2 strand twisting my hair and then pinning the twists under. It looks really cute but I would like to switch it up by actually working with the curls from the roller set. Sorry for rambling! Thanks for this post!

~Hair I Am

Loo said...

Thanks and you're welcome, Anon. The rambling is fine. Lol. Try pinning up the curls after taking out the rollers. You can create a nice, curly updo or mohawk. Let me know how the next go around works for you!

NappyRina said...

Love that style you created! So elegant!

Sequoia said...

Wow, I'll be trying this soon!

Loo said...

@NR: Thank you, girl!

@Sequoia: Let me know how it goes!