Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Type 4 Series: Short Styles I (Simple 'n Go)

This is a series on how to style and manage type 4 hair healthily. This particular post is for natural hair; stretchers and transitioners, stay tuned!

Today's topic: Styling short, necklength hair.  Part I.
Future topic: Styling short, necklength hair. Part II.

Chances are if your hair is type 4 necklength, it shrinks up to a TWA.  Well, mine did. I remember during that stage, two styles were my best friends - the twistout fro and the wash-n-go fro. They were simple at that stage. They were quick. They looked cuter than my short twists (which I was not liking at that length). I will admit that I felt like a boy at first, but when I added a flower, scarf, earrings, or eye shadow, that all changed.

The woman in the following video is the epitome of someone rocking her type 4 short hair with confidence. Yes, confidence is an accessory needed to wear your "nappy short" hair ... especially in a society where "that kind of hair" is "unusual". 

The next time you're stuck in a styling rut, remember this video. Styling short type 4 hair does not have to be complex; just fluff and go, wash and go, or do a twist out and go.  Enjoy the simplicity of your hair at that length because once it grows (believe me), you're in a whole other ball park.

Yaasoulrebel's channel

Here's another type 4 (who you may know) rocking her short hair with various stylish headbands:

Mae's channel


Vanessa said...

Cool videos! Indeed remaining open and versatile is the key while keeping simplicity in mind. Good advice in here!

Loo said...

@Vanessa: Yes, indeed. Thanks!