Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Twist Series: Your Questions

I'm considering doing a short series on "Twists and Length Retention".  Twists, while not for everyone, have helped me achieve hair goals I never thought I would.  If you are interested in learning more, leave a question/comment below in the comments section.  Thank you!


Dani @ OK, Dan said...

Ooooh Loo I'd love to hear about your twisting regimen. After I secure my new job I'm planning on twisting for most of the winter.

How long do you keep yours in? (mine can't last more than a week)

How many twists do you make?
How large do you make them?
What products do you use?
Do you do any daily/weekly/monthly maintenance?


Skeeta said...

Would love to know maintenance also..

Jc said...

I would love to hear about it. I love technique posts.

Anonymous said...

How do you keep your ends moisturized? How often do you shampoo/condition your hair while it is twisted up? After 4-5 days mine look ratty:(

eesh said...

I would love to know more. I have short hair (about 4 to 5inches) and whenever I twist my hair it twists up on itself so they look like they're sticking out all over my head. How do I get them to all lie straight down?

Brandiss said...

I would also love to hear more about your twist maintenance regimen. How do you keep them moist? What do you do to the ends when they are dry or ragged looking (or is it just time for a trim!?)

Karlene said...

I too would love to follow your twisting regimen and as such had the following questions:
1. Is it more important to not touch the hair in the twists for say a week minimum or to keep it in a style that will retain moisture and protect the ends? I ask this since the front of my hair especially gets extremely fuzzy after 2 to 3 days of fresh twists!
2. Did you experience alot of matting and knotting when leaving the twists in for even short periods of time?
3. I noticed some ppl do twists for say a week then use the twist out on the weekend...does this act as being counter - productive?


Karlene said...

Hi, I wanted to know one more thing, when you put in your shea butter mixture can you indicate how much exactly you put, because I find that when I do my hair I can't lean up on anything afterwards...lol Should it be a dime sized amount or should I not worry about the oil slick!

Loo said...

Thanks for all the questions, ladies!! I will address them in the coming weeks.