Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Type 4 Series: Styling Fine/Thin Hair

This is a series on how to style and manage type 4 hair healthily. It doesn't matter whether you are natural, transitioning, or stretching relaxers.

Today's topic: Styling fine/thin hair

Tip #1: Use conditioners that leave a protective layer behind after rinsing.

Though my hair is super dense, I have some fine/thin strands, particularly in the back of my head.  When it comes to styling that section, I find that it is best to start with a protective or volumizing conditioner.  My favorite is LeKair Cholesterol Plus Strengthening Conditioning Cream, which I use as a deep conditioner every 3-4 weeks.  When on a time crunch, I use V05 Volumizing Conditioner with Collagen Extra Body for 5-10 minutes.  Such conditioners coat the fine/thin strands and prepare them for the rigors of styling.

DIY conditioner options: Egg & mayonnaise; egg & olive oil; egg & avocado.

More tips coming soon ...

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MsPhyl said...

Thanks, good info from another fine, thin, type 4a hair, curlfriend.