Thursday, September 9, 2010

Twist Series: Maintenance I

It's official!  The twist series has begun.  Today, I start by answering some of your questions.  The remaining questions will be answered in the weeks to come ...  Feel free to continue adding more questions/comments.

How long do you keep yours in?
2-3 weeks. I no longer keep them in for 4 weeks at a time since my current lifestyle requires that I look more "polished".

How many twists do you make?
About 40 twists on average.  Sometimes 30, sometimes 55.

How large do you make them?
Medium to large. Sometimes I make them small. I no longer do jumbo since they don't last as long. I haven't had time for micro/mini twists since my last set.  (My micro twists can be seen here.)

What products do you use?
On twist day, I start off with a Coconut Oil prepoo, followed by a wash with Desert Essence Lemon Tea Tree, followed by deep conditioning with Lekair Cholesterol. I then detangle before rinsing the conditioner. I airdry about 80-90% of the way in plaits. Then I apply a homemade Whipped Shea Butter to my whole head and begin twisting. (The whipped shea butter recipe can be found here.)

Do you do any daily/weekly/monthly maintenance?
Yes. I wear a satin scarf or bonnet nightly to keep the twists moisturized and intact. Before putting on the scarf/bonnet, I put my twists into a french roll or three big twists. (No bobby pins, ouchless bands, or anything; just hair.)  Weekly, I spritz my hair with a little water ... just enough to make it slightly damp and no more than that. Then I reapply the whipped shea butter and wrap my hair with a satin scarf. If it is a wash week, I may redo the perimeter of my twists.

How do you keep your ends moisturized?
I spritz water and apply whipped shea butter weekly (unless it's a wash week). I then follow up by wrapping my hair with a satin scarf until it dries ... otherwise, it'll be frizz galore. Before wrapping my hair, I put my twists in a french roll or three big twists.

How often do you shampoo/condition your hair while it is twisted up?
About 1x every 1-3 weeks, depending on the season. I tend to wash more frequently in the summer versus the rest of the year. I tend to wash more frequently if I've been sweating or if my hair is extremely parched.

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Jc said...

Really you only spritz once a week? Good to know. My routine is really similar to yours except I braid. The big similarity is that I too wait until my hair is 80-90% dry to start braiding. That level is great because the hair is a little bit more flexible than if I waited to 100% dry but much stronger than if I started when wet.

I do apply a little water and coconut oil on a daily basis. I do it because my hair has a tendency to get very dry very quickly. I do find it very interesting that you can 'survive' a week without necessarily adding water.

Thanks for the details!

Karlene said...

Thanks for the info so far and looking forward to the rest! I am thinking of doing my own personal twist challenge for the rest of the year to see if I can really retain some length without having my hair in extensions all the time!

Loo said...

@Jc: You're welcome!

"That level is great because the hair is a little bit more flexible than if I waited to 100% dry but much stronger than if I started when wet." Couldn't have said it better myself!

@Karlene: You're welcome! The twist challenge sounds like a good idea.

Anonymous said...

can you show a picture to give any indication to how you part the twists?

Loo said...

@Anonymous: Sure thing. I'll put that on the Twist Series to-do list.

Anonymous said...

I'm considering doing my own twist challenge as well. My hair is growing, growing... and it's at an awkward length where it's not long... but I can't make a 'fro look great.

Anyhoo, when you say that you "reapply the whipped shea butter" weekly.. do you just rub the butter along the twisted hair? Or untwist, apply shea butter, and then retwist?


Anonymous said...

How do you wash your hair when it's twisted?

Loo said...

@Anon: Good question. Answer coming soon!