Monday, September 13, 2010

What's Your FALL Regimen?

With Autumn around the corner, will you adjust your hair care regimen?  If so, what changes will you make?  Longer protective styles?  Fewer washes? ...

Loo's SUMMER Regimen
Prepoo, Wash, and DC every 1-2 weeks
Twist every 2-3 weeks
Moisturize weekly

Loo's FALL Regimen
Prepoo, Wash, and DC every 2-3 weeks
Twist every 3-4 weeks
Moisturize weekly


Dani @ OK, Dan said...

I will probably go to weekly washing for fall and winter. I want to hurry and secure a new job so that I can do twists that I redo weekly.
My intended plan is: wash and DC weekly, twist, moisturize ends every other night,

That's it.

mangomadness said...

Once a week I'll wash, detangle, deep condition, moisturize, stretch(via braids), seal and style into a creative pinned updo.