Thursday, October 7, 2010

Healthy Hair on Youtube: Rusticbeauty

Rusticbeauty is one of my FAVORITE youtube hair ladies, and I've been following her since my early natural days.  She's achieved long, healthy natural via twisting and certainly has a hair care routine that works well for her.  In her earlier videos, she was big on using shea butter, Infusium 23, Organix, and coconut oil.  I share her channel with you for inspiration.

Some Rusticbeauty videos with which to start:
Ten tips for natural hair: video
Hair care regimen - pre-shampoo: video
Hair care regimen - after washing: video
Hair care regimen - after moisturizing: video
Hair care regimen - night-time prep: video

DISCLAIMER: Other people's hair care routine may or may not work for you.  Rather, use the suggested hair care routine as guidance and tweak for your hair.


Unknown said...

I love her too.Her shrinkage is crazy but i love it becasue i have crazy shrinkage too!Thanks for putting the videos up.will be a great help for me.Thankyou!

Unknown said...

Miss her!