Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Twist Series: The Method I

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  • When you put in your shea butter mixture can you indicate how much exactly you put, because I find that when I do my hair I can't lean up on anything Should it be a dime sized amount or should I not worry about the oil slick!
  • Can you show a picture to give any indication to how you part the twists?
  • When you say that you "reapply the whipped shea butter" weekly.. do you just rub the butter along the twisted hair? Or untwist, apply shea butter, and then retwist?
  • I find when I go to remoisturize my twists, whether I re-wet my hair and apply moisturizer or just apply the moisturizer alone, my twists are sooo frizzy and fuzzy afterwards. How can I prevent this? I have about 6 inches of hair just to give you an idea.

1. After washing, deep conditioning, and detangling, I plop my hair (while in 10-12 jumbo twists) in a towel. (Time: 1-2 hrs.)

2. After plopping, I undo each jumbo twist and apply a half-dollar-sized amount of whipped shea butter to each section.  Then I redo each jumbo twist and airdry (in a satin scarf) until 80-90% dry. (Time: several hours.)  I suggest applying enough butter to seal your hair and not so much to coat it.   
Plop, moisturize, then airdry in jumbo twists under scarf.

3. Once airdried 80-90% of the way, I begin to twist my hair.  I take down a jumbo twist and begin parting.  I find it easiest to part a horizontal section and then grab-and-go within that section.  I make smaller parts along the perimeter ... larger parts within the perimeter.  (Twist time: 1-3 hrs, depending on size.)  If needed, a small amount of whipped shea butter is reapplied to the ends of the twists only.
Part horizontally, then grab and go.

Smaller parts near nape.  (Not too small though.)

Long, slender parts along hairline.  (Too small = bad for my edges.)
4. When I reapply the whipped shea butter weekly (after a quick spritz with water), I just rub the butter along the twisted hair from the mid-shaft to the ends.  Afterwards, I immediately put my twists in 1-2 frenchbraids and wrap with a satin scarf to combat frizz formation.  Once the hair has "set", I take off the satin scarf. (Time: 30 minutes - 1hr.)

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Amina said...

I <3 your hair!!!

Loo said...

^^ Thank you! :o)

Karlene said...

Thanks for taking the time to answer some more questions! will try to put it into practice!

Loo said...

@Karlene: You're welcome! Hope it goes well. :o)

Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog and love it! I'm a huge two strand twist fan, and this information that you provided will help me perfect my technique once I can start experimenting on my hair again! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

love, love, love your hair!

Emme said...

you have gorgeous hair and i discovered your hair via natural hair haven..give thanks to her!!

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Thank you much, ladies!! I appreciate the compliments. :o)

FunkyStarkitty50 said...

Just found your blog today via another blog. Your hair looks so beautiful and healthy. You are a "hairspiration". LOL

Loo said...

@FunkyStarkitty50: Thank you! :o)

De Anna said...

I love your hair. I'm going to have to try your twist technique!

Loo said...

@De Anna: Thank you! Let me know how it goes. :o)