Thursday, October 21, 2010

Twist Series: More to Come!

After two weeks of bunning, I'll be twisting again this weekend.  Answers to the following are on the way:

  • When you put in your shea butter mixture can you indicate how much exactly you put, because I find that when I do my hair I can't lean up on anything Should it be a dime sized amount or should I not worry about the oil slick!
  • Can you show a picture to give any indication to how you part the twists?
  • When you say that you "reapply the whipped shea butter" weekly.. do you just rub the butter along the twisted hair? Or untwist, apply shea butter, and then retwist?
  • Do you have alot of shorter strands of hair that contribute to the frizzy look? I noticed that I have alot at the top and middle of my head and was wondering if that is natural or if something is wrong since to me it seems to be increasing in number!
  • Second, does having alot of single strand knots at the ends of my hair mean its definitely time for a trim?

If you have more questions, feel free to leave a comment with this post.  Until next week!


Melyssa said...

that style is absolutely GORGEOUS! very neat and so creative!

Loo said...

Thank you!

Jc said...

Definite yes for me on the last question on single strand knots. I guess if you have the patience a search and destroy, but I am lazy in this respect.

I wonder though, since you mostly keep your hair in twists, are single strand knots a big issue for you? I look forward to seeing your replies!

.:Eden:. said...

I find when I go to remoisturize my twists, whether I re-wet my hair and apply moisturizer or just apply the moisturizer alone, my twists are sooo frizzy and fuzzy afterwards. How can I prevent this? I have about 6 inches of hair just to give you an idea.

Anonymous said...

weekly, i washed my hair in braids (10-15) and detangled every two weeks. most of the time it was fine, but sometimes i found that the base of the plait was matted. i could feel it -- straight + whatever that was + straight.

how do you avoid matting at the base of your twists/plaits?

mangomadness said...

I second the first question asked.

Loo said...

Thanks for keeping this series alive, ladies! More answers coming soon.