Wednesday, November 17, 2010


DISCLAIMER: If you are new to using henna, please do your research before trying it.  This is particularly true if your hair is color/chemically-treated OR whether you desire a color change (e.g., red henna) vs. conditioning alone (e.g., neutral henna).

4th henna treatment. Performed with henna melt from TheHairSheBang.

As some of you may know, henna may be used to strengthen and 'thicken' the hair (amongst other benefits).  Unlike most conditioners that rinse out with the next wash, henna is long lasting.  Below are some conditioner recipes you can make at home:

- henna
- yogurt
Recipe and instructions

FIA'S HENNA GLOSS - for minimal color change and deep conditioning
- henna powder
- lemon/lime juice
- conditioner or plain, unsweetened yogurt
Recipe and instructions

- henna powder
- curd
- egg
- lemon juice
- (optional) olive oil or coconut oil
Recipe and instructions


Karlene said...

hi, thanks for the post! i am in the process of ordering henna and indigo cuz i have done the research and i would love to experience the benefits; question: have you actually noticed the thickness and strength of your hair increase/improve?

Loo said...

@Karlene: Hey, you're welcome! Yes, I've definitely noticed a difference in the strength of my hair. It has increased. As for thickness, it is hard to tell at this point. Keep me updated on how you like henna!

Karlene said...

ok i will...i'm really excited to try it! I'm still looking around at recipies since they are so many!

Karlene said...

hey Loo, just giving you an update on the henna, i did it today using the recipies from henna for hair incorporating indigo as well. I didn't leave it in too long cause i started much l8r in the day than i wanted to but i must say, for the 2 1/2 hrs it still made my hair soft afterward and my curls were a little looser to me.

but there was a WHOLE LOT of fine things in my hair even now after i've DC'd and everything so i'm not sure if it's the indigo or the henna, but next time i do it i will sift it! can't wait to do it again next month!

Loo said...

Hi Karlene,

Thanks for the update! My curls loosen up a little after each henna treatment but eventually bounce back. Has it been the case with you? Let me know how it goes next month! :o)

K said...

No problem, I was wondering another thing though...can you do a henna treatment and aphogee close together? I am on a protective style challenge till May next year and so my hair will be in cornrows & twists for 3 weeks on so when I take it down I want to do my treatments. I was thinking about alternating them everytime I take down, because I'm thinking they more or less do the same thing.

What do you think?