Saturday, November 6, 2010

Twist Series: Frizz and Knots

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  • Do you have alot of shorter strands of hair that contribute to the frizzy look? I noticed that I have alot at the top and middle of my head and was wondering if that is natural or if something is wrong since to me it seems to be increasing in number!
Yes, I do have some short strands that contribute to the frizzy look but not a lot.  I think it's natural to have some shorter hairs whether natural or relaxed.  Given that each hair on our head is in one of three cycles (anagen/growth phase, catagen/transitional phase OR telogen/resting phase), some of the strands may be shorter than others.  Additionally, normal wear and tear can contribute to this outcome.

On the other hand, if the short strands are prevalent or increasing in number, then that is not a good sign and may be the result of breakage or other issues.  Try manipulating the hair less and handling it gentler.

  • Second, does having alot of single strand knots at the ends of my hair mean its definitely time for a trim?
I agree with JC's comment here.  If you have the patience (or there aren't too many SSKs), you can do a "search and destroy" whereby you only snip the affected strands.  Otherwise, yes; it's time for a trim.

  • Since you mostly keep your hair in twists, are single strand knots a big issue for you?
No, they are not a big issue.  I will admit that as the twists shrink over time, I do get a few SSKs, but they are nowhere near the amount I would get if my hair were left loose.

Someone once asked why I don't dip my ends in water to make them re-curl after twisting.  SSKs is why.  I find that if the ends of my hair shrink up, SSKs are more likely to form.

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Jc said...

I love this series. I am currently trying twists again since l am not swimming in winter. I like them old and puffy so I tend to wash them but given your info on ssks, l will stop doing that and stick to once a week washing.

Courtney said...

I wear my hair in twists a lot but I have many single strand knots. It's very frustrating. :(

I appreciate your blog btw.

Loo said...

Thanks, ladies!! :o)

@Jc: Let me know how it goes!

@Courtney: Sorry to hear. Hopefully these tips help!