Thursday, December 30, 2010

Healthy Hair Tips for 2011

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Are you looking to achieve healthy hair in 2011?  Start with these suggestions:

1. Eat Healthily
Healthy hair starts from within.  If you are not getting sufficient nutrients from your meals, invest in a good multivitamin.  (For more info: hair foods, multivitamins.)

2. Drink sufficient water
Water helps to move nutrients throughout the body.  (For more info: water.)

3. Design a hair care regimen
Start with a basic routine (wash, condition, detangle, and moisturize) and build upon it as necessary (e.g., cowash, prepoo, etc.).  Example regimen, Featured regimens.

4. Find your staple hair products & tools
Clean out your shelves. Keep products and tools that work on your hair.  Donate those that do not.  Learn your hair and what ingredients it likes and doesn't like.  (For more info: moisture.)

5. Protective style more often
Protective styling helps to retain length and maintain healthy strands.  (For more info: Length retention.)


Anonymous said...

Um... Loo, as much as I love your site, dude, you are killing me with these extended breaks between posts!

I became a stalker of your blog after JC from The Natural Haven posted about your site. I check your site nearly every day, just to see if there is a new post. When there isn't -- ARRRGH!

I always love the information you give, but frankly, that it gets a little aggravating checking daily to see if there's anything new on your site. I was wondering if you could put up a RSS feed (which is a module on blogger, and one that includes e-mailing new posts). I hate even missing a day of the information you give, because it's so valuable.

Just to let you know, I'm doing this out of love, as a fan of your blog. I've recommended it to family members who are also natural, and even e-mailed post you've written.

Please, please, please, please get an RSS feed. Thanks!

Loo said...

@Anonymous: Thank you for your honesty! I really appreciate it and definitely view it in love. I'll look into getting an RSS feed. :o)