Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Reader's Question: Low Comb Routine

  • Hello! I am currently experimenting with detangling my hair less often. I read that you do a low comb routine. Can you do a post on your detangling routine? How often you detangle? What you use to detangle (conditioners, combs, brushes, etc) What you do between combing sessions (finger comb, etc)?

Great question!  I have a two-part answer that depends on hair length:

(I actually started this routine at APL, but it works for shorter lengths as well.)  When my hair was this length, I comb detangled every 1-3 months.  I would soak my hair in LustraSilk Cholesterol mixed with olive oil for about an hour.  Then I would comb through each section of hair with a wide-tooth comb followed up by a medium-tooth comb.  After I completed each section, I would twist/braid it up, rinse out the conditioner, and proceed to style my hair as usual. Every 1-2 weeks (between comb detangling sessions), I redid my twists and used that opportunity to finger detangle on dry hair.  

I currently detangle about once every 3-4 weeks.  I soak my hair in LeKair Cholesterol mixed with olive oil for about 20-30 minutes.  (As my hair has gotten longer, the ends require just a little bit of protein to remain strong, hence my switch to LeKair.)  Then I run through the ends with a wide-tooth comb followed by a paddle brush from from roots to the ends.  (I use a paddle brush instead of a medium-tooth comb for ease and speed.)  At this length, I no longer finger detangle since my twist styles last from one comb detangling session to the next.

EDITED - MBL and BEYOND: I no longer use a paddle brush.  I only use a wide tooth comb.

I hope this helps!


Camille Acey said...

i'm down with this. i'm also a very low maintenace detangler and this gives my approach that much more structure. but could you please clarify how often the hair gets washed in each scenario?

LaNeshe said...

Very helpful.

Loo said...

@Camille: For TWA-BSL, I washed 1-2x a week. For BSL-Beyond, I wash every 1-2 weeks in the spring/summer/fall and about every 2-3 weeks in the fall/winter. :o)

@LaNeshe: Glad it was. :o)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for answering my question! I now finger detangle once a week. I think I'll try combing once a month or so.

Nefertiti said...

This is so helpful! For the past 3 or 4 weeks I've been experimenting with comb detangling no more often than once a month, and just using my fingers in between. It's been going so well! I really like the method you've outlined, so I may implement some of your techniques too. Thanks for sharing!

Loo said...

@Anonymous: You're welcome! Hope it works out well. :o)

@Nefertiti: I'm glad it is. You're welcome! :o)

Anonymous said...

Do you keep your hair in twists during the time you don't detangle using a comb? Or do you take your hair down weekly, biweekly (etc;) to shampoo/cowash and retwist.


Loo said...

@Anonymous: Yes, I do keep my hair in twists during the time I don't detangle with a comb. (Once in a blue moon, I wear a twistout or other style.)

When my hair was shorter, I'd take down the twists and retwist.

Applesauce said...

Is it possible for you to do a video or show step by step photos of your detangling process. I'm on your 3in6 challenge and find that detangling is the most difficult part of my regimen and has the most potential to do damage if done incorrectly. I've read about your regimen but think that a visual would really help. I know how important gentle detangling is to length retention and think that a lot of naturals could benefit from a look at your process. My hair is about your texture but it's 3 inches or so shorter and not as full as your hair. Lately I've become concerned about thinning ends and think that I need some more insight on detangling.