Monday, December 13, 2010

Twist Series: Washing & Matting

  • How do you wash your hair when it's twisted?
I use diluted shampoo, do one lather only, and focus on massaging the scalp.  I try not to manipulate the roots and strands much.  This helps to minimize matting.  (When I feel like it, which is rare, I will put my twists into 6-8 plaits prior to washing.)  More details below ...

After every wash, I airdry my twists in two big frenchbraids.  This helps to minimize frizzing.

  • Hi! Thank you so much for the twist series. I'm making a twist regimen of my own and it helps to see yours. I have a question-- When you say "twist for 3 weeks and 1-2 washes", do you mean 1-2 washes after the inital wash (the same day you twist your hair)? I want to avoid matting.
Yes, I do.  After the initial wash/twist day, I usually wait 2 weeks then do my first wash.  On week three,  I do my second wash.  (When I'm able to, I wait the full three weeks then do my first wash.)
  • weekly, i washed my hair in braids (10-15) and detangled every two weeks. most of the time it was fine, but sometimes i found that the base of the plait was matted. i could feel it -- straight + whatever that was + straight.  how do you avoid matting at the base of your twists/plaits?
For my hair, it really comes down to a) how I wash and b) how often I wash.

a) How I wash: The method of washing is more important than how often you wash.  Avoid manipulating the roots much.  I purposely use the shampoo that I use because it lifts the oils/dirt without me having to do much work.  I don't massage the scalp haphazardly while washing.  I kind of do a pinch method ... pinch the base of each twist with my thumb and index finger.  I also focus on cleansing the visible scalp between sections.  (Let me know if this makes sense; otherwise, I'll try to post a photo the next time.)

b) How often I wash: I keep washes to a minimum - about 1-2 washes during a twist session.

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Jc said...

I have been recommending your site a lot recently and these questions keep coming up. I will keep sending people to this twist series. It is very comprehensive.

Anonymous said...

I love your site, and your twist series. I've posted in your comments section before. I was wondering, how long have you been natural? And how have your twists helped with hair growth. I'm going into my second year of being natural.

I've been wearing my hair in twists nearly 80 percent of the time, (with the blue moon twist outs). I also do weekly henna treatments and deep conditioning treatments.

I moisturize my twists twice daily, and put oyin's burnt sugar on the ends. I was wondering, though, how did you manage to thicken up your hair (using twists). How long did it take you to get your hair as thick as it is? And do you moisturize daily while your hair is in twists?


Loo said...

@Jc: Thank you mucho, Jc! :o)

@Anonymous: Thank you.

Next February will make 3 years natural. (I transitioned for 10 months, so next April will make 4 years relaxer-free.)

I'll do a post on how twists have helped with hair growth/retention. Hopefully it'll go up this week.

As for thickening up my hair, I owe that to genetics. It's pretty much been this way since I big chopped. Henna might've helped a bit, but the twists have only contributed to length retention. I will say that if I didn't twist, my hair would be a lot thinner due to breakage, tangling, and over-manipulation. So yea, twists help to "retain" thickness (and are a good way to bounce back from damaged, thinned hair), but my max thickness is due to genetics. I may talk about this in the "twists and growth" post as well.

As for moisturizing, I do it weekly while in twists.

Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

It helps immensely. I'll be waiting (with baited breath) for your "twists and growth" post, if you do one.

LaNeshe said...

Very nice post. After I wash my twists they shrink up when they dry. Any tips on decreasing shrinkage?

TWA4now said...

Nice! Question: Why dilute the shampoo?

Loo said...

Hi! I dilute it so that 1) its goes on easier and 2) washes out easier. My kinks have a way of trapping the shampoo otherwise. :o)

Lorrinda Ayibontey said...

pls. what can i do to make my hair grow faster

Loo said...

Use the "Contact Me" form above to tell me your current regimen and products. :o)