3in6 Challenge Rules

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To all the challengers (and interested readers), be sure to bookmark this post!

Purpose of this challenge: To retain 2-3 inches of growth in 6 months.

Challenge period: February 1 - August 1, 2011

1. Eat fresh vegetables or fruits with each meal.
2. Take a daily multivitamin.
3. Drink sufficient water.
(Amt of water in oz. = Your weight in lbs * 0.5)
4. Wear twists or braids 2-4 weeks at a time.
5. No direct heat.
6. Pre-poo with coconut oil for 20 minutes.
7. Absolutely no trimming.  (Start with a fresh cut now if need be.)

Each challenger is allowed two 1-week periods of styling her hair as she pleases (e.g., puff, rollerset, etc.).

For documentation of your length retention:
- Notebook/journal or camera
- Ruler/measuring tape

Tips on wearing twists/braids long term:
- Do not twist/braid too tightly
- Redo the perimeter weekly or biweekly.
- Deep condition & detangle thoroughly prior to twisting or braiding.
- For more tips, check out posts in the twist series

The Challenge begins February 1st!  Start preparing.


Lumi said…
I'm definitely in!
What vitamins would you recommend?! I've been wanting to start taking some but have no clue which ones will promote my growth.
Karlene said…
oooh...nice! guess I better start stocking up! One question, if I am also using the tape to measure, should I measure all four points (back, front and both ides)? Guess it would be more helpful right?!?
Anonymous said…
ok ok ok! I do half of this already!
Monique said…
Hey Loo, I do think I'm going to join you in your challenge. Can I sub the pre-poo w/ coconut oil with AO HSR? My hair just doesn't seem to like coconut oil...AT ALL! Let me know.

Nefertiti said…
I do a good deal of this already, and the stuff I don't already do, I certainly should do, so I'm loving these rules. How exciting to be in this with others, too.

I already scheduled my first ever self trim for next Saturday (1/29) when I take my twists out and shampoo, etc., so this will work perfectly to start me off fresh in the challenge.
Loo said…
@all: Thank you for joining, ladies!

@Lumi: I recommend One A Day Women's Vitamin all the way. It supplements nutrients where most women are lacking (e.g., iron, zinc, calcium, vitamin D). :o)

@Karlene: Yes, you can measure all four points. It'll give you a good idea of which areas of your hair are problem areas (if any). For example, I've noticed that the front of my hair retains little length compared to the rest, and so with that, I give it extra TLC. :o)

@Anonymous: Yay! :o)

@Monique: Given the ingredients of AO HSR, that should fine. :o)

@Nefertiti: Yay! I'm glad this is right on time for you. This should be fun. :o)
A Simple Thing said…
Can I join in, but without the vitamin taking?
Anonymous said…
Gaaaaah! I wish the challenge didnt involve twists! I look like a 12 year old with them!
LaToya said…
This sounds like fun. I'm down!
I have hair, skin and nails viatmins, is that okay?
Nana said…
I'm definitely up for this!
i just had to cut my hair last week - almost 0.5 inches. I had so much damage...and now my hair is completely different lengths :-(
Can't wait to grow it back, and then some.

Re: #4 - Can we twist/braid with hair extentions, or are we only using our own hair?
Anonymous said…
Hi, I want to join but I really can't go more than 1 week without detangling my hair otherwise the shed hairs tangle up at my roots and cause breakage. Hope this wont be a problem?
Loo said…
@A Simple Thing: If you can get all your nutrients via food alone, then sure! :o)

@Alana: Lol. You can make twists (or braids) look more age appropriate. :o)

@LaToya: Yes, that works! :o)

@Nana: Yes, you can twist/braid with hair extensions. Just be sure that they are not done too tightly and that you care for the hair underneath.

@Anonymous: Out of curiosity, how often do you wash? Can you give detangling every 2 weeks a shot? (I.e., wearing the twists/braids for 2 weeks at a time.)
Anonymous said…
At first I didn't think I could participate in any of the growth related challenges because I haven't been able to find any protective styles that I can wear comfortably to work. However I have read your twist series and visited some of the videos you suggested and I'm feeling more confident that I can do this. I'm going to use the next 2 weeks to perfect the twists and some styles and then I'm all in. Thank you so much for your site and this challenge
Loo said…
@thecandyshoppe: You're welcome! Feel free to let me know if you have any questions while perfecting the twists. :o)
Dang, I am already out with rule #1. I have deplorable eating habits. If I keep it real with myself I know there's no way I could do the fruits and veggies with every meal.

Good luck to all the ladies participating.
Anonymous said…
Hi again (I posted at 6.38 pm). Regarding detangling every two weeks instead of once/week: I've tried this before and I just found my hair matted at the roots (I had medium sized braids). I currently wash my hair twice a week but I have tried washing once every two weeks and detangling every two weeks but I experienced a lot of tangling, dryness and breakage with both. For whatever reason I hardly get any breakage at all if I detangle weekly and wash twice a week as opposed to spritzing my hair daily. Btw sorry for the long post
Loo said…
@nappy headed black girl: Lol. Well, at least you're keeping it real. Thank you and Happy Hair Growing! :o)

@Anonymous: Hi! No worries; no post is too long. The last thing I want is for your hair to suffer from insufficient detangling; you know your hair best. You can still follow along with the other 3in6 Challenge guidelines as they may be helpful. Welcome! :o)
Gaelle said…
I'm in! I've been having some issues with breakage the past few months, so this will hopefully give me some incentive to fix the problem. Only thing is I can't take any vitamins, but I'm sure that"s okay.
Devonee said…
I'm in too!!! My main concern is keeping my twists in at least two weeks. I usually wash and dc every week. It's out of habit. I'm going to try to make them lasts longer. July 30, 2011 (towards the end of the challenge) is my nappiversary and I'm looking foward to see how much length/growth that I retain. Happy Growing!!!
Tamara S. said…
I'm in!!! This is perfect!! I was just thinking about doing this but this is more structured so that makes it easier for me to stick to it. I plan on following the rules as well. I'm ready to watch my hair grow!!
Mikimu said…
I'm in! This should be great. :-)
I am in. When you say 2 one week styling you mean out of the 6 months we can only style our hair to our liking twice? LOL I guess I better save one week for the wedding I must attend.
Loo said…
@all: Welcome, ladies! Be sure to check out the "Twist Series" posts for tips, if needed.

@embracingmycurls: Yep! :o)
Angel said…
I am in the challenge!!
Deanna said…
Hey Loo can we do buns?? Either way I'm in!!!
Loo said…
@Deanna: Twists or braids may work better, but you can still hang with us doing buns. Welcome!
Ok I jumped the band wagon ha! I said I was in before reading the guidelines...this is definitely a challenge for me...the retaining length is no problem its following everything else that I currently struggle with. I'm trying to up my water intake...which is challenging, and I am suppose to be taking a multi-vitamin which I forget to do everyday...I've been having them for a month now and I can count on one hand how many times I've taken them. ha!
Camille Acey said…
I posted about the contest on my Youtube channel.
I hope some of my (admittedly not very many) followers might join here. Looking forward to Tuesday!
Anonymous said…
Hey..I was wondering if we can henna while on this challenge, and do the search and destroy for splits and knots?
Loo said…
@Camille Acey: Thank you for spreading the word! :o)

@Anonymous: Yes, you can henna and do search and destroy. :o)
kk said…
I want to join, however I have psoriasis - so I have to wash my scalp at least once a week. Can I still join?
Cutie121 said…
I'm down for the challenge
Loo said…
@kk: Yes you can! There is no washing limit. :o) Whatever works for you.
naturallySQA said…
I've been preparing myself and I think I want to try this challenge! Some of the things I already do, so it shouldn't be too difficult! :)
natasha said…
Hi I want to get my chemically treated hair back natural. How can I do that without cutting all off
Loo said…
@natasha: Hi! Unfortunately, the chemically treated ends will have to be cut off eventually or fall off naturally. You can do what is called "transition" until you are at a comfortable length to cut off the chemically treated ends. (For example, I waited until I had about 4.5 inches of new growth before I cut of the chemically treated ends.)

This site has really good tips and information about transitioning: http://www.treasuredlocks.com/natural-hair-transition.html
Anonymous said…
I would to do this challenge, the only issue i have is with the twist for 4 weeks. I have very fine hair which is not that long either so even when i do twist and keep it in for a day or two it just unravels it self out, any suggestions? Twist doesn't look as nice short either :)
Loo said…
@Anonymous: You can twist/braid for 2-4 weeks; it doesn't have to be the full four. As for preventing unraveling, you can try braids instead of twists ... or do the twists but braid the ends. Let me know how that works out for you! :o) P.S. I'll post some nice twist styles for shorter hair soon.
Anonymous said…
Ok so I'm new to pre-pooing, can it only done before a shampoo or can it be done before a co-wash too?
Loo said…
^^^It can be done before a co-wash as well, though it's not as necessary. Don't apply too much coconut oil when you do prepoo before co-washing. :o)
Anonymous said…
I'm in missed the last one!

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