Chocolate Conditioner Recipes!

I LOVE chocolate (in moderation) but who would've thought it could be used to condition the hair!?!  Chocolate is high in fat and has a bit of protein - a great combination for a conditioner worth trying.  (This sweet also has a small amount of caffeine, which studies have suggested may stimulate hair growth in those suffering from balding.[1])  I smell a recipe review coming around Valentine's Day?  If you can't wait until then, feel free to experiment with the concoctions below:

- dark chocolate bar
- yogurt
- honey
Recipe and Instructions

- overripe banana (be sure to sieve)
- honey
- dark chocolate
Recipe and Instructions

CHOCOLATE HAIR MASK - For the Mixologist!
- honey
- overripe banana
- coconut milk
- coconut oil
- pure cocoa butter
- jojoba oil (or olive oil)
- pure cacao (cocoa) powder
Recipe and Instructions



LaNeshe said…
I don't think I could take have chocolate in my hair, it would make me crave it more than I already do lol
Loo said…
@LaNeshe: LOL ... True!
Karlene said…
I agree with LaNeshe, I don't think I would want to waste all that chocolatey goodness on my hair when I can just melt it and eat it...which would spoil my health regimen..i think its more of a temptation than anythig else!

I was just wondering about the stickiness of it though...I just envision if it's not washed out properly waking up with a trail of ants in my hair! lol
Loo said…
@Karlene: Haha ... now I'm getting a sweet tooth with all this talk of chocolate. :o) LOL on the stickiness. I guess I'll find out soon enough.

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