Friday, January 7, 2011

Healthy Skin Tips for 2011

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Do you want healthy skin in 2011?  Start with these tips:

1a. Eat healthily
The number one key to healthy skin is to eat healthy.  Great food choices include carrots (high in Vitamin A), green vegetables, oranges, etc.  If you are not getting sufficient nutrients from your meals, invest in a good multivitamin.  An antioxidant supplement couldn't hurt either.  (For more info: antioxidants and aging.)

1b. Eat less sweets
Research has shown that sweets (eg., chocolate, candy, cake, etc.) may contribute to acne.  From my own personal experience, I have seen this to be true with my skin.  For the new year, replace sweets with granola bars, peanut butter on wheat sandwiches, and fruits.  (For more info: sugar and acne, article on sugar and acne.)

2. Drink sufficient water
Water helps to move nutrients throughout the body.

3a. Adhere to a skin care regimen
A skin care regimen is also essential for achieving healthy skin.  Wash daily and nightly.  Exfoliate regularly.  Invest in a good cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen.  (For more info: basic skin care regimen.)

3b. Wear sunscreen
Even though "black don't crack", it eventually will and will do so at a faster pace without UV protection.  Wear sunscreen containing a minimum SPF of 15.  (For more info: black skin and sunscreen.)


Camille Acey said...

Good tips, only thing I'd mention is re 1b, lots of peanut butters and granola products are FULL of sugar. if someone wants a sweet and healthy fix, they might consider fresh fruit or natural unsweetened fruit products. whole and unprocessed foods are great for health inside and out.

Loo said...

@Camille Acey: Thank you for making that point! Yes, whole and unprocessed are best. :o)