Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Twist Series: Growth & Length Retention II

  • While maintaining twists, how can you prevent the ends from getting tangly (scraggly)? 
  • i second the question on how to prevent tangly ends while in twists. they feel detangled before i twist them, but when i take them down i sometimes feel the tangles.
I first make sure to twist on damp/dry, stretched hair.  (Shrunken ends are more inclined to tangle than stretched ends.)  To prevent tangling after twisting, I keep moisturizing and washing to a minimum - about weekly or biweekly.  By the end of week #2, my ends are pretty shrunken and this would be a perfect time to redo my twists.  However, I tend to keep twists in for 3-4 weeks at a time.  Slightly tangled ends at this point are almost inevitable, but shea butter or some water + conditioner help the strands separate fairly easily.  (If the ends are really tangled, that may indicate that you're in need of a trim.)

  • How often should you trim while wearing twists? 
Trim as often as needed rather than on a set schedule.  (See this post.)  Trimming on a set schedule reduces length retention in my opinion and experience.

  • When is the best time to start pinning them up? I'm noticing that I'm losing some length due to damage at the ends, though I've been wearing my hair in twists as a protective style for the past few months.
Ideally, you want to start pinning up twists when they are long enough such that the style is effortless and does not cause much tension on the scalp or ends.  For me, that "comfortable" length was APL stretched.  Damage at the ends can result from a number of sources: pinning up the twists too early, leaving the twists in for too long, impatience during the twist takedown, improperly taking the twists down (i.e., pulling them apart from root to tip = bad), dryness, etc.

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Camille Acey said...

hmm, well i guess my follow up question is at what length should you start wearing twists for length retention? i have about eight inches of hair all around and any time i try to do twists, it just looks ridiculous if i don't pin it up into a style. should i just refrain from doing twists until i get more length?

thetiffany said...

I love your twist series. I have been wearing my hair in twists for months now. I havent seen much growth, but I have retained what I had even with my random trims and search n destroys. I have a routine now that I am trying to stick too and hopefully I will start to see growth. Thanks for all your great post on twist!

Tinuke said...

Thank you for taking the time to write this post.It is very halpful. Can I post this on my blog, if you do not mind?

Loo said...

@Camille Acey: Good question. I'll address that soon. Thanks! :o)

@thetiffany: Thank you, and you're welcome! I'm glad twists are working for you so far. :o)

@Tinuke: You're welcome. Yes, you have my permission. :o)

Anonymous said...

Yay! Thanks for answering my questions in this post. I've also referred others to your site! You're so very cool Loo!

Jc said...

So glad word is getting around on this fab series. You know some of the advice you give is sensible but can be seen by controversial. For example minimising the amount of wetting to ensure less tangles...........very eye opening stuff.

I feel like we are obsessed by moisture in the natural world. I am adjusting my thinking all the time.

I love love love this series Loo :)

Loo said...

You're welcome, and Thank you for the compliment! Thank you for the references as well. :o)

A BIG thank you, Jc! And thank you for the references! Yep, I totally agree about the controversy; I tend to rebel against what many of us accept as "basic truths" because ... well they aren't basic truths for my hair. Lol.

I agree ... we are obsessed with moisture in the natural world. I'm beginning to think we are over-obsessed. With the right method + product, we shouldn't need to moisturize so frequently. It pains me when I hear of some moisturizing up to 2-3x a day ... or even daily at that. :o)

L said...

I can't imagine moisturizing weekly or biweekly. My hair is very porous and dry. I have cut down moisturizing to once or twice a week before and it led to breakage from dryness. My high maintence hair likes water every few days and some oil or cream every other day. I'm afraid my new love of twists may have to end. Is it possible twists just aren't for me? I love this style and wanna keep them! But the moisturizing has led to frizz. I think two weeks is the max. :(