Monday, February 14, 2011

3in6: Day Fourteen

See "3in6 Challenge" details here.

Hey ladies!  We are officially two weeks into the challenge.

After wearing small twists for nearly two weeks, I transitioned into my trusty, medium twists.  (Fingers only; no comb.)  Why the transition, you say?  It's been raining galore and ... rain + small twists + shrinkage = single-strand knots on my ends.  Yep.  They had to go.  For me, bigger twists work better at keeping single-strand knots at bay.  Eh ... it was fun while it lasted.

These larger twists will be in for a few weeks as I re-do the perimeter weekly after each wash.  You know the drill.

As for the rest of my update, I've been:
+taking my multi-vitamin
+eating my vegetables and fruits
+drinking my water

The scissors have been calling my name, so I hid them to minimize my temptation to further cut.

So ladies, how are you on day fourteen?  Any surprises or adjustments?


Karlene said...

Hey Loo,

I also did some microtwists but they were beginning to matt a little after week one and frizz was also taking over! so I washed and henna'd and DC'd and put my hair in medium twists cuz i did notice alot of SSKs and I also noticed spilt ends in the front of my hair so I was wondering if I can bend the rules and trim them!! I am also trying to eat as healthily as I can afford & incorporate green veggies at least once and a carrot at least once per day! lol

Loo said...

@Karlene: Hey, Thanks for checking in! We'll call it "search and destroy". :o) Yes, you can search and destroy. Glad the challenge is going well overall.

Anonymous said...

Just checking. I'm on my second week of flat twists. They have held up really well with only a quick redo of the ones up front because I was going to a quincinera this weekend. Probably the biggest surprise is all of the compliments from men and women on my hair. Who would have thunk that flat twists pulled back into a bun and dressed up with accessorises would be a crowd favorite. As for the rest of the challenge I have been doing well with the multivitamins and water. Need to improve on the fresh fruit/veggies with every meal and get some exercising in. To all the other participants I can't wait to hear your updates - Ronnie

Monique said...

Hey Loo, I just re-twisted my hair in smal/medium size twists after a failed attempt to try a different style. I don't know that I can hang, twists are so temperamental, sometimes they look super cute, and other times I'm like, WTH? I don't like this set either, sigh. Anyway, if I take them out, this will just have to be my "out" week. Smh...

Chrissy M said...

I made it to two weeks, and took them down and retwisted. Last time, three weeks was no problem and the twists only looked better with the wash.

I think I moisturized too early with the last set of twists..well, washed too soon. But, I also noticed a little sebborheic dermatitis coming back (frown). I think I'm going to have to keep my twists in for two weeks at a time max, and three if I can make it. But, I'm going to wash every week to minimize any flakes.

The surprise I"ve noticed is that my hair is gaining length and is also getting much thicker! Hooray! I've always had an issue with my sides..and now they're beginning to thicken up. I'm going to bun up and use protective styles over the next two weeks to protect the ends.

One other surprise is that it's taking me much longer to twist since my hair is thickening up. My twists used to (only two months ago) take around three to four hours max. Now, they're taking me around eight to nine hours. I'm not sure if it's because I'm being more careful, while twisting...but I'm almost positive it has to do with my hair getting thicker/longer. I've gained about 1/4 inch in these past two weeks.

I'm also doing nightly massages with rosemary oil and wearing a satin cap at night.

Sankofa said...

just took out old mini twists (4 weeks), henna, dc's and retwisted small but not mini twists. I really liked the way it turned out. I also had a huge problem the last two times I twisted my hair with matting, and SSKs especially on my right side in the back. I think one reason was too much moisturizer (moisturizing 2x/day). I have severly cut back on that and it seems to be helping (thanks Loo). I also am going to make sure I really check my problems areas regularly to make sure the twists are OK there. Other than that I really like the way my hair turned out and even got compliments today. The hardest part of the challenge for me is drinking enough water each day. Enjoy reading all the comments, very supportive, Thanks

Anonymous said...

I am taking down a cornroll and braid style I copped from I am very proud of myself to have kept in for TWO weeks. I am struggling with the fruit and veggies...but will continue to attempt to do right. I do have a question - I saw the post on bunning however I never got whether it was an acceptable style for this challenge? I would like to do a bun for the next two to three weeks, but I want to stay in the guidelines (and I not a very good braider)!

Loo said...

@all: Glad you ladies are hanging in there! Keep it up. I'll check in with you all again at the end of the month. :o)

@thecandyshoppe: Loving this comment .... "Who would have thunk that flat twists pulled back into a bun and dressed up with accessorises would be a crowd favorite." Sounds like you're rocking those flat twists. :o)

@Monique: Yep, twists can be temperamental sometimes. Definitely use an out week if you need to. Hopefully you find your groove! :o)

@Chrissy M: Sorry to hear about the sebborheic dermatitis, but glad that you know what to do about it. BTW, Congrats on the progress! :o)

@Sankofa: SSKs. ::Sigh:: Good thing moisturizing less is helping. Keep me posted! Also, good idea on keeping an eye on your problem areas. P.S. Yay for compliments on your hair! :o)

Nefertiti said...

Hey girls! My twists are two weeks old (med-large sized, with about 15 twists all up in my heayuhd), and much to my surprise, they can definitely hang in for another week. Though the ends were unraveling because of their size as usual, I retwisted the problem ones and braided at the very ends to keep them closed. The length of the twists has remained very much intact, thanks to a small change in my twisting technique (demonstrated here:, where you twirl each strand while also twisting them around each other. I never noticed that I didn't really do that before on regular twists, only when I do my kinky twists, and it made a world of difference for me.

Other than that, I've been conditioning each weekend, but not washing my twists since that equals tangle city, for me. I am not doing well on my water and food AT ALL, because I've been really busy working very long days (which is always an excuse, not a reason), but the job I'm on ends tomorrow, so I'm going to crack the whip. See you at the next check-in!

Devonee said...

Hey ladies, I did not make it to two weeks. The problem for me is the frizziness. When I see frizz, I think that it is time to re-do. I just have to make sure that I moisturize real good. For the first time this past weekend, I used Darcy Botanicals Avocado & Wild Plum Twisting Cream and Coconut Cupuacu Butter Natural Hair Pomade to twists. I wanted to put some perm rods at the ends, but I was tired. So far, they are holding up pretty good. I'm going to try my best to make it two weeks.

I'm drinking my water. I will be starting an exercise program at my job on the 18th. I've been eating my fresh fruits and/or veggies during lunch and dinner. I have been lacking at eating the fruits and/or veggies at breakfast; however, I have been snacking on them throughout the day.

Keep up the good work ladies!

A Simple Thing said...

I made it until Saturday, and at the moment, it's in one big Greek-style flat twist around my head.
I've been eating loads of fresh fruit and adding vegetables to my meals, as well as trying to make sure I drink as much water as I need. My skin looks a heck of a lot better now!

Camille Acey said...

Everything is going much better than expected. I was experiencing some flakiness at the start of week three mark so I took the jump and washed my hair in twists and my hair did not get as matted as I feared it would.

I wanted to make this second set of twists (put in on the 7th) thicker than the last but I was watching tv and twisting and tired and not paying attention and ended up with another thin set. Oh well, maybe the third time will be the charm? In the meantime, I've been hapyp with my little updos and also sometimes just keeping my head covered since it's winter and no one looks at me sideways for wearing a hat (with silk scarf under) around everywhere.

I am traveling and have job interviews at the beginning of the week, so I will be wearing my hair in a flat twist style, which I am gonna go ahead and not count as an "off" days, since I usually need at least a day or two to get my hair to stretch for the twists. I'm going back home after a long time away and most of my friends only know me as the girl with locs, so I might wanna rock a fro one day next week just to be extra. Will see.

The diet/ health stuff is no problem, only thing is that I don't really eat fruit since I am primal/low carb, but every meal is total vegetable city.

Patrice said...

I just found your blog and I am an instant fan!I have been Natural for 2 years and 5 months. Im very interested in this challenge because i feel as if my growth has stalled....Its probably just breaking and i have to figure out how to stop it. My "go to " style is a wash and go into an afro puff. I hope to learn some tricks and gain 3 inches in 6 months as well. I already drink an average of 64oz of water a to start eating healthier!! Im ready and excited!

Soulsista934 said...

So that is why I am getting so much single stand knots, small twists!! I took down three week twists and I had so many ssk's I didn't know what was going on. I only make them small so my twists don't look so scalpy. If I do make them, I am just going to have to take them out before I wash them or I will figure out how to make bigger twists work.

Im sorta doing this challenge, I am taking a multivitamin and thinking about eating a fruit/veggie each meal and exercising. I am working on it though because it will be great for my body as well