Tuesday, February 1, 2011

3in6: Day One

See "3in6 Challenge" details here.

Alright, ladies.  The challenge has begun!  I'll check in with you every 2 weeks.  Now for Day One:

I actually did my length check last week, and I am about 3.5 inches from layered waistlength.  Should this challenge go well, I'll be 2.5 inches closer to my goal come August 1.

This past weekend, I put my hair in small twists after a wash and detangling session.  My goal is to wear them for 4-6 weeks, with bi-weekly to weekly washes.  (For my twist Q&As, check the Twist Series.)

In terms of fruits and vegetables, I stocked up on carrots, spinach, red lettuce, tomatoes, and bananas for now.  (Read more about carrots here and green vegetables here.)

{Small twists (done with real hair)}
So ladies, what is your goal for the challenge?  What long-term protective styles are you rocking?


Camille Acey said...

i gotta do my length check and video today. but i am looking forward to you posting some shorter hair twist styles and tips very soon because I am not loving how my hair is looking and i am already very concerned that I won't be able to make it very far through this challenge since i am going out into the job market at the end of the month....

♥ cherelle said...

My hair is currently ear lobe length (about six months natural) so I'm not quite sure what a realistic goal is for 6 months. If I am able to maintain at least 2 inches of length I'll be psyched!

I plan to wear twists as my protective style, two weeks at at time before washing and re-twisting. I'm creating a natural hair page on my blog where I will document the challenge. I find pictures are the best way for me to see results.

Happy hair growing!

Cutie121 said...

My hair is about 4.5 inches around. I co washed last night with Aussie Moist, used Knot Today as my leave in & did two-strand twist using Curls Curly Souffle. My hair is not only short but fine so I look like Miss Celie today. For work I wrapped my head using my silk scarf & put on a hat. My goal this week is to wear the twist through Saturday & take them down for Church on Sunday.

Ronnie6676 said...

I tried to do a length check on Saturday when I washed and retwisted my hair. I believe I'm 6 inches in front and about 8 inches in the back. I'm more interested in health and it seems like my hair is getting healthier. If lenght comes along with that, that is just an added bonus. I put in 6 large flat twists and have been wearing these pulled back into a bun and I have been accessorizing with scarves. I did a post today on my blog about the challenge with several links back to your site as I really do like it quite a bit.

Loo said...

Camille Acey: Thanks for checking in and reminding me! I'll get on that for later this week. Hang in there. I definitely know the feeling (as I big chopped less than a year into my first career). :o) P.S. I saw your 3in6 youtube video. Love it! Thanks again for spreading the word.

♥ cherelle, Cutie121, Ronnie6676: Thanks for checking in, ladies! I'm loving the sound of those reggies. On my way to check out your blogs. :o)

Karlene said...

Right now my hair is in micro twists and i hope i can keep them in for 3 weeks. I'm exited especially since I had to cut about an 1 1/2 inches due to damaged ends! My 2 yr nappiversary is in May so I hope to get closer to my goal of ASL with very few layers @ the end of the challenge.

Camille Acey said...

hmm, i know what is APL and what is BSL but what is ASL?

Loo said...

@Karlene: Sounds like a good plan! You could grow those inches back and some come August. :o)

@Camille Acey: Hi. BSL is "bra strap length" (or, more appropriately, "bra clasp length"). I assume ASL is APL, but I could be wrong. :o/

Chrissy M. said...

I'm so happy about this challenge! Right now, the longest layer of hair I have is collar bone length. I'm 14 months post my original big cut in 2009.

I detangled and twisted my hair in small twists this past weekend. I already have a stock of vitamins....and I substituted the bad stuff with a salad for lunch...

Hopes to keep up with this challenge. For the first time, I kept my twists in for three weeks instead of the one week I usually do in January. It grew about an inch in some places, and a half inch in others. I've been doing daily scalp massages.

I wish everyone the best on this challenge!

Nana said...

My goal is to go all the way and retain at least 2.5 inches by the end of the challenge. I bc'd at the end of Aug 2010 with about 3 1/2 inches stretched. I chopped about 1 inch of last week due to damaged ends and am now 5 inches (stretched) all round.

Loo, my hair is in twists right now but I'm taking them out this weekend and wanted to try Crochet braids (your hair is cornrowed and you simply loop the hair extensions into your braids). Will this be OK for the challenge? Technically my hair is in braids, but I'm not sure if pre-pooing with coconut oil every week will ruin the synthetic hair :-s I planned to keep them in for at least 6 weeks, washing weekly.

Devonee said...

My hair is about 6-6.5 inches. I'm 6 months post BC. I did small to medium tst on Saturday. I plan to wear tst for two weeks, then wash, dc and re-twist. Keeping them in for 2 weeks is really gonna be a challenge for me, but I can do it. I got some carrots, oranges, and salad mix.

Loo said...

@Chrissy, Nana, & Devonee: Great goals and regimens. Thanks for checking in! :o)

@Nana: Yep, crochet braids are definitely fine since the hair is essentially braided. You can prepoo 1-2x during that time since the coconut oil may mess up the hair extensions. Try to focus mainly on your real hair when prepooing. :o)

Anonymous said...

I am so psyched by this challenge. I printed it out today for a coworker and she is excited as well. She has not been exploring the internet for natural hair tips even though I encourage her, so this was a good way to introduce her to a doable and healthy challenge.

In the front my length is about eye level, sides are jaw length and back middle neck (all stretched). I am hoping to rebraid soon, but in the mean time my hair is pinned up daily.


Nefertiti said...

Yeah girls! I detangled and did my first self-trim last night to kick off the challenge, trimming about 1/8"-1/4" all around. I'll be doing twists, braids and maybe some kinky twists, pinned up as often as possible, as my protective style.

My longest sections of hair measure 12" after my trim, and my shortest area (the front) is 9 1/2", so that's my starting point.

I'm going to continue taking my fish oil and bilberry supplements, like always. For my hair, I'll finish my bottle of GNC Hair, Skin & Nails that I have (not repurchasing though), and then will switch to a nice daily multi, instead. I can definitely take this opportunity to clean up my diet and get more water in, too. I already exercise 5 or more days a week, so I'm covered, there.

For the next two weeks, I'm rocking some twists that I put in yesterday. I'll stretch to a third, if they hold up!

Can't wait to hear from you guys in a couple weeks.

Loo said...

@Mona & Nefertiti: Great job, ladies! I'm loving the dedication and excitement. Keep it up. :o)

Sankofa said...

My goals for the challenge are to retain 2-3 inches. I want to see if my hair grows at a "normal" rate of if it is slower (which I think it is).

My hair is several different lengths, I particularly want to thicken up the back right which is about 3.5 inches. This is due to damage that I caused detangling and the last time I put in twists I used gel and kept in 4 weeks (my hair basically started locking and I ripped it out).

Thanks to your recent posts (on how much moisturizer to use) I realize I put way too much product in my hair (moisturize 2-3 x/day)
I also exercise a lot (6 days a week), sweat a lot and swim once a week. I put coconut oil in my hair prior to swimming and shampoo after (I am just too afraid of chlorine (yes I do use a swim cap and no I refuse to go less than once a week)
I plan to do mini twists for 4 weeks at a time. thanks for your series on short professional styles for natural hair, that should help a lot

I am too excited!