Monday, February 28, 2011

3in6: Ending Month #1

See "3in6 Challenge" details here.

Okay, ladies, we are concluding the first month of the challenge.  Wow, how time flies.   My hair has been twisted the entire month; I spent almost two weeks in small twists then transitioned into bigger twists for two more weeks.  These big twists will stay in for another two weeks, and then I'll see what to do next.  Last week I retwisted the perimeter after a prepoo, wash, and condition.

In other news, yesterday I purchased avocados, spinach, and carrots to restock on vegetables.  I may try to get bananas later this week.

How did you ladies end Month #1?  What styles do you plan to do in Month #2?


Karlene said...

Hi Loo,

So far the challenge is going fine besides the split ends I keep finding that are driving me mad! I put afro kinky twists in my hair yesterday and plan on keeping them in for about 6 weeks to 2 months (fingers crossed) so the protective styling won't be a problem for me! I also hennaed before i put in the twists

Anonymous said...

wore twists for 2 week periods and braids for the month of march installing this weekend
Henna on wed (my first.. wish me luck)

Chrissy M. said...

is starting week three of twists I put in around two weeks ago. front has split ends. I haven't gotten a great handle of washing my hair with the twists in..

Right now, they don't look so hot and I plan to redo them when I'm feeling up to it this weekend (if I do).:(.

But, my hair is doing okay.

Anonymous said...

Was loving the flat twists but noticed that my scalp was feeling very tender. So I transitioned to 2 strand twists towards the middle of the month. First in back only and then felt brave enough to do my entire head. They looked a bit scalpy so I kept them pinned up into a bun.

I started to get that tender headed feeling again, so I removed all the twists and wore my hair up in a bun this past week.

Saturday I did my 2nd henna gloss and put the flat twists back in. I noticed that I had to do more twists and they are fatter (that's good right?).

I'm going to try to leave these up for 2 weeks and then do a full set of 2 strand twists but smaller than my first try.

All in all things are going well. And I'm surprised that I haven't really been too tempted to wear my hair out.

Nefertiti said...

Hey Loo! Hey girls!

I spent almost the full first month in the same set of twists, which I took down on Thursday. I had to snip some really stubborn knots off the ends of about six of the twists before I could even start to unravel them, which was irritating. Still, snipping is better than ripping, so oh well. I have to figure out how to prevent this, though.

Did my pre-poo and wash routine on Friday (and tried henna for the first time, which went pretty smoothly; I'm hoping the henna will help curb/end breakage), and I put in new twists on Saturday. I did them a bit smaller this time-- about 25 in all, and I think I should be able to go 3-4 weeks again, with these. I just want to make sure I avoid the knots on the ends, this time around.

Still need to up my water game, but I am cleaning up my eating a little more, each day. I'm good about my vitamins. And, I just got back from my workout for today, so the exercise is still on point too.

So far, things are pretty good. I hope by the end of this to have gotten to the bottom of my biggest challenges: 1.) Tangling/detangling-- or more accurately, figuring out why my hair still gets SO tangled despite being stretched 99.9% of the time, and 2.) getting breakage down to an absolute minimum.

Sankofa said...

Chrissy M, I feel you on the sad looking two strand twists, I swim once a week so I have to wash my hair after that and they look sad a frizzy, I redid the front and sides and set them on rollers so I was OK with them today.

My biggest issue is still drinking enough water, I am going to do it on a schedule daily to ensure I getting enough.

Otherwise I am doing OK, I am going to keep twists in for 2 more weeks (4 total) and then start all over again. I did a henna two weeks ago and I think it helped to make my hair stronger but ooh it was too much hair doing for one weekend LOL

Anonymous said...

I've been wearing medium size braids (without extensions). 3 weeks ago i hennaed. last week i ACV rinsed (added a little lavender oil and it was amazing). I'll be deep treating this evening. I'll redo my braids on my next henna day, which will probably be next Friday.

the challenge continues...

Devonee said...

Yay me! I kept my tst in for 2 weeks. It was hard, but I did it. I'm at the length (6.5-7 inches) where my hair is not long enough to put in buns or try many twists styles that will last. The first week, I was able to keep the frizz to a minimal by wrapping the twists at night. The last week of the twists, I retwisted the perimeter, moisturized, sealed and rolled with perm rods. This past weekend, I did a cassia treatment, flat twists in the front and tst in the back.

naturallady said...

I am so excited I made it through the first month, it was so easy for me cause I have not been feeling the need to do hair. I have been wearing my hair in medium size twists and pinned in a french roll in the back. This is an easy style for me because I don't have to touch it in the mornings, then on the weekend I retwist.
My routine consists of washing every other weekend starting with my pre poo mixture, then deep condition, leave in, and twist. I don't change any of my products cause I am scared of the end results.
This same routing will be followed on next month and with the same style, hair has already been washed and twisted for the next two weeks. Maybe I will feel adventurous on month three.

Cutie121 said...

I'm having a hard time with the protective styling. My hair is a bout 5 in long & very fine so my twists don't look good at all. My goal is to keep my hair in twists from Monday through Saturday, take them down for church. I henna glossed last month & I loved the way my hair looked & felt so I plan to henna once a month.

MissAfrobella said...

I started a lil late with getting my protective style of braids in. I've had them in for two weeks now. The first two weeks my hair was flat ironed from a trim and I wore it in a bun. It's been okay for me actually. It has been a very relaxing time since I don't have to worry about detangling :-)
However, I have a lil trouble with doing styles on sunday for church that I think look dressy enough for my outfit :-s
And I suppose it is time for me to re-do the front braids but they're so small and I feel so lazy lol

Camille Acey said...

I was about to throw in the towel yesteday, but then I chanced on a wig store and bought this big fun wig that I can wear whenever I am feeling itchy. Yesterday was the first day I ever wore a wig in my life and I was really self conscious but it was fun and I think it will help me to keep my protective styles in longer and hopefully make it to the end of this challenge. I think this challenge is infinitely harder for those of us with shorter hair (I am in the 6- 7 in range) who want to look "professional" and pulled together every day.

Devonee said...

@Cutie121 and Camille, I feel you about having a hard time w/ this challenge for us with shorter hair. On top of that I have fine hair too. I love wearing twists styles, but keeping them in for more than one week it is very challenging, especially when you are use to doing your hair every week and enjoy doing it. When I do my hair, I call it "Me Time."

EbonyAndrea said...

I had my hair in single braids with no extensions. I love them because I can co-wash my hair and moisture it without the fuss of having it all over the place. I am in the military so, finding appropriate styles can be difficult. Today though, I got in trouble because my braids were touching my collar and that was out of regulation!! I don't like being in trouble, but this was a good my hair is making progress trouble!! I just braided my hair back up after having my one week break. I can't see what next month is gong to be like.

Chrissy_M said...

@Sankofa, I wish I could swim daily! I need the exercise to lose weight..but the pool where I work is out of commission.

I got bored and took down my hair a little early, to enjoy it out for a day...then put it back up that weekend.

@Everyone hang in there! I've been doing twists on week by week basis...but, after leaving them in for longer periods, my hair is starting to thicken up, and it's starting to gain a few inches (started out with a TWA last year) I believe protective styling is starting to work.

I know it's hard (I have to fight boredom and missing my hair)..but seeing my hair out for that day last week, and how thick it's getting has made me a believer in the challenge! Keep it up, it's worth while in the end.