Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Coming Soon ... Short Twist/Braid Styles

Hi ladies,

I've been receiving a couple of comments about twist/braid styles on shorter hair that are actually cute and/or professional.  Starting Friday, I'll do a three-part series on the topic.  In the meantime, here are some tips:

-rock your twists/braids under a wig
-accessorize with beautiful earrings and makeup
-rock your twists/braids under a cute beanie or hat
-slip on a cute headband or scarf
-rod your twists/braids for a voluminous, curly look
-flat twist or cornrow into twists/braids updo


Carmen's Kinks said...

Looking forward to your series. I can use all the suggestions I can get for styling options.

Devonee said...

Hey Loo,
When my twists get kind of old (frizzy), I would like to rod them. All of your suggestions would be great, but I'm really interested in the rodding. I think that this would definitely help me keep them in longer. What do you suggest that I use to set them? Have you set twists with setting lotion/foam?

Loo said...

@Carmen's Kinks: More to come! :o)

@Devonee: I suggest you start with wet/damp twists ... either after a wash or by spritzing generously with water. Then apply a butter-based or gel-based product (or even a curly pudding) and rod. Setting lotions/foams can work too, but I haven't found one (not that I've been looking past Lottabody) that works without leaving my hair dry. :o)

byefaith said...

hello...i'm from Florida and i have a client that brought this picture in of this you know what type of hair was used if any or twist n set or what? i have any idea hair(twist n curves) but i'm trying not to go that route...

Loo said...

Hi. It looks like a twist n set to me, but I don't know for certain.