Wednesday, February 9, 2011

For My Fine-Hair Ladies ...

{2008; First career; big chop; believe it or not,
my hair still shrinks up to a TWA-ish size if I allow it.}
Bear with me.  These next couple of weeks are insane outside of cyberspace.  In the meantime, check out these youtube videos of fine-haired women in twists.  Feel free to ask them questions as well.  (I have a possible fine-haired interview coming soon as well):

Braiding twists forward for volume: Niafloda
Pinned up bantu knots for volume: blackhairchronicles

And as one of my awesome fine-haired subscribers came to realize, perhaps focusing on accessorizing is best.  Though I'm not fine-haired, I understand what it's like to work with what you have (for me, it was and has been crazy shrinkage).  Sometimes it's about the accessories!


mangomadness said...

Good post!

1/2 of my head is fine. I like with braid outs, flat twist outs and bantu knot and buns for volume and texture.

Check out blogger is a fine haired natural.

Loo said...

@mangomadness: Thank you for mentioning Agrlcanmac. How could I forget!?! Lol. :o)